Tips on How to Keep Your Tarmac Clean

Tarmac and asphalt are similar materials, so the process for cleaning them is also the same. Keeping the tarmac clean at any airport is an important part of airport security, but there are other reasons how to keep your tarmac clean as well.

Remove Any Debris: Before you even beginning to think about how to keep your tarmac clean, you are going to have to have a debris removal process. This includes any debris such as leaves, dust, and other objects. Not only can debris be dangerous for airports or roads, but it can also stain the tarmac. There are different ways to remove debris from a tarmac. While you can brush away any debris, having a sweeper can make the process quicker. In addition to cleaning the area for debris, any obstacles should be moved out of the way as well.

Degrease for Stains: If your goal is to remove any stains from tarmac, then apply a degreaser. This will make stains come up a lot easier. Just add a quick spray of the degreaser and stains should loosen.

Use a Pressure Washer: Before pressure washing, use a detergent and stay protected with gloves. The detergent should be left on for about five minutes. The pressure washer should be held 15 inches off the tarmac to maintain a consistent distance. In order to get the best clean, work in a symmetrical pattern. If you overlap, it just makes sure the detergent is properly washed away.

Allow to Properly Dry: Before beginning to use your tarmac again, let it dry properly. In order to make it clean for longer you can use a sealant. Be careful when using a sealant so you don’t leave yourself trapped in the corner without an exit point once you have finished.

There are different types of cleaning methods you can do for tarmac if you are focusing on getting out oil stains. Powdered detergent can be an affordable and accessible way to remove any oil stains from the tarmac. Sprinkle the laundry detergent on the area that needs to be clean and allow for it to sink in with a little water. The area can be scrubbed with a brush and then rinsed off. Baking soda is similar to laundry detergent and can be used on smaller oil stains. Dish soap works for cleaning grime and dirt off dishes, so it can also be used for pavement. If none of the other methods work, then bleach can be used. If using bleach, it’s important to not mix it with any other cleaners, since it can become dangerous when mixed with ammonium-based cleaners. The tarmac should be thoroughly washed off first to make sure that it won’t interact with any other chemicals left on.

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