The Vitamins and Minerals in the Right Formats

Certain vitamins, minerals or plants are very useful, especially during growth or pregnancy. Others have not been proven. Worse: they can have serious contraindications, especially in smokers or during menopause.

Cocktails of vitamins, trace elements, plant extracts. Whether they are in the form of pills, tablets, ampoules or infusions, food supplements are on the rise. And for good reason: they promise to fight against fatigue, to refine the size, to purify the body. Virtues more attractive than the others to which one in two French succumbs. 

With real benefit?

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See an example

First of all, these food supplements are neither drugs nor food but, according to the European Union directive, “a concentrated source of nutrients or other substances having a nutritional or physiological effect in order to supplement a normal diet”.

They are also distinguished from foods which, for their part, refer to foods (yogurt, butter, fruit juice, cereals, etc.) present in the daily food ration but enriched with a substance (omega-3, iron, fibers, probiotics – micro-organisms) supposed to have a beneficial effect on certain functions of the organism, such as digestion, for example, or certain diseases, in particular cardiovascular diseases. As such, and unlike drugs, neither one nor the other is generally subject to a marketing authorization before being marketed.

Vitamin D, Folic Acid: Very Useful For Development

Food supplements can thus contain hundreds of different nutritional substances grouped into three main families: vitamins (B6, C, D, B9), minerals(magnesium, zinc, calcium, iron), plant extracts (valerian, ginseng, St. John’s wort). The difficulty with these supplements is that rare are those whose effectiveness has been solidly demonstrated. Thus, studies have shown that taking daily multivitamins over the long term does not bring cognitive benefit, contrary to what the advertising claims. Likewise, there is no evidence that supplements are of any use for the prevention of cardiovascular disease or cancer. As for the effectiveness of magnesium, used for the treatment of spasmophilia, it has not been scientifically demonstrated. Using the iherb korea promo code is essential in this case.

So, are food supplements unnecessary?

Not all.This is because some have therapeutic effects, but they mainly concern seniors, children and pregnant women. Thus, vitamin B9 (folic acid), recommended for women trying to have a baby or who have just become pregnant, helps reduce the risk of malformation of the embryo thanks to its role in the division of fetal cells. Vitamin D is recommended for infants, adolescents and the elderly. Made by our cells under the action of light, it is crucial for the growth and mineralization of bones and can, in the event of a deficit, increase the risk of rickets in children or bone decalcification in seniors. These are the options that you can go for.

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