The Use of Medical Cannabis in Medicine

Ancient literature points out the use of cannabis as a medical plant in different cultures of the world in the past centuries. The plant is currently classified as a prohibited drug that causes mental high-state, but this was not the case in the past as it was considered conventionally as penicillin. These days medical cannabis has gained respect for its healing properties and is known to treat several conditions and stabilize brain functions in people with mental issues. Seek a medical cannabis specialist in Santa Monica who will guide you on the use of medical cannabis to treat different conditions.

How Medical Cannabis Treats Different Illnesses

Marijuana contains different cannabinoids, and each of these cannabinoids produces different effects on the body. A medical expert can separate useful cannabinoids from harmful ones; for instance, tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) found in the plant produces a ‘high’ feeling while cannabidiol (CBD) gives a healing effect.

Conditions That Cannabidiol (CBD) Can Treat

CBD is extracted from the seeds of the cannabis Sativa seeds in the form of hemp oil and can be used to treat many conditions.

  •       Nausea

The body has medical cannabis receptors that react to the presence of the hemp oil leading to the dullness of the senses reducing the symptoms of nausea. Medical cannabis can, therefore, be applied to nausea that arises from surgery and chemotherapy. The plant can be used to stop vomiting, and it works better than some FDA-approved nausea relieving drugs.

  •       Appetite

Medical cannabis can be used to stimulate appetite and thus prevent weight loss in patients with severe medical conditions such as HIV and cancer. Cannabinoids help in increasing appetite, and the more calories patients can intake, the more energy they get, and this leads to a quick recovery. Patients with diabetes might consume more food worsening their condition; thus, one should strike a balance between the helpful and damaging effects of the drug.

  •       Muscle tension and spasms

CBD can relax muscles reducing tension, spasms, and shocks. Relaxed muscles allow for an adequate flow of blood to an injured area. Blood flow leads to oxygenation of the organs, which results in quick recovery. The hemp oil can reduce tremors in severely disabled patients reducing muscle stiffness and tremors, and this results in reduced inflammation on the injured parts.

  •       Pain

Hemp oil provides an analgesic effect which can relieve you from severe pain, people with chronic pain that reduces the quality of life resort to the use of medical cannabis to curb the pain. Patients, however, should be careful not to take cannabis sold in the streets as it might have other side effects, well-formulated medical cannabis can help with pain reduction.

  •       Insomnia

Hemp oil reduces anxiety, thus healing sleep disorders such as insomnia, CBD improves mood and a sense of well-being. Patients who have taken medical cannabis report having a restful sleep.


Medical cannabis, when administered according to the direction of a CBD expert, can have numerous health benefits for an individual. Hemp oil found in medical marijuana can help patients deal with sleeping disorders, improve appetite, reduce anxiety, and other mental issues. Before resorting to taking CBD, it is prudent to seek medical advice from an expert first who will evaluate your health and provide you with the appropriate medication for your condition.



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