The Recipe for Making Great Music

Recipe for Making Great Music

Music has always been a language that surpasses a lot of barriers that exist between people of different backgrounds. As a music producer, you want to make good music that rejuvenates, transforms, and remains celebrated long after production. For this to happen, you have to be on top of your game in this very competitive industry. In addition to good vocals, you need to have great production tools, and identify the kind of music and message you want to pass through to your audience. Here are a few ingredients for the perfect music recipe that will move your audience.

Emotional Appeal

Emotional presence of any music piece influences the reception it gets among its listeners. People will dub your music as either good or bad based on the feel and emotions that it arouses. Your music should be able to channel the feelings of the audience as well as hold them emotionally. Aspects such as melody, tempo, pitch, rhythm, and volume influence the emotional appeal of music, and they should be closely monitored. For instance, a fast tempo on music may result in arousal of emotions such as joy and enthusiasm, while slow-paced music may elicit relaxation.

Smooth and consistent rhythms may result in feelings of happiness and peace, while rough and irregular rhythms may result in amusement. High pitched music creates a funny, light, and happy emotions as compared to low pitched music that ends up creating a sad mood. Identify the kind of emotion you want to pass through to your listeners and perfectly bring out the theme in your rhythm and the lyrics as well.

Choice of lyrics

The choice of lyrics to be used in your music piece has a significant influence on its receptibility to the target audience. People are always keen on the lyrics that you attach in your music. They will be drawn to your music if your lyrics pass essential messages that they can relate to. On the other hand, using offensive lyrics that may discriminate against a specific segment of people is likely to make your music less acceptable. The lyrics in your music should be inclusive and should exhibit the utmost modesty, and this is a sure way to make great music.

Additionally, depending on the genre you choose for your music, the lyrics should have a clear and distinct theme. For instance, if you choose the R&B genre, your lyrics should be geared towards reaching the audiences’ soul by tackling love and relationship matters. Various MIDI packs for different genres are readily available online to give an instant idea of creativity. Dance MIDI samples, for instance, have the latest MIDI loops at friendly prices to kick-start your music production career.

Production Tools

Music production, just like any other job, has its unique tools of the trade that will indeed help in producing great music. First and foremost, you need a space which will be your studio. It is in the studio where you will have other tools such as control surfaces, MIDI controllers, microphones, headphones, electronic drum kits, audio interface, and a computer, among many others. Each of the mentioned tools plays a distinct role in the production. The tools help in generating the right pitch, tempo, melodies, and rhythms that you desire for your music.

The MIDI controllers such as Alesis Q, M Audio Oxygen, and Nanopad2 come in a variety of MIDI packs that you can pick from. It is vital to choose good quality tools that are durable and reliable at the same time. With such a recipe at your disposal, you can only be sure of making hit after hit. 


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