The need to hire a probation attorney in NJ

There are various circumstances, when probation can be granted by the court system. If the defendant has made a plea deal, the judge may consider probation as an alternative for jail time. Sometimes, the judge may suspend jail sentence for first-time offenders. While probation may seem better than jail time, because you still have the freedom, there are conditions that must be followed. Probation violation can have serious consequences, but is not uncommon either. If you are charged with probation violation and arrested by the police, you will need a reliable New Jersey probation attorney on your side. 

The basics

Probation programs in the state are managed by the New Jersey Courts Office of Probation Services. After the sentencing, you are required to report to a probation office – the one that’s nearest, and a probation officer will be assigned to the case. There are many requirements that must be met when probation is allowed. This includes reporting to probation officer periodically, staying off drugs/alcohol, completing drug/alcohol tests, attending drug/alcohol treatment programs, and community service. In some cases, probation may also mean electronic monitoring and paying court costs and fines. Every case is different in that context, but probation conditions must be complied with. 

Handling probation violation

If you have violated any of the probation conditions, the probation officer will decide the course of action. For minor issues, they may address the issues directly in their office with you, but in other cases, they may report the case. If there is arrest warrant, you cannot get bail and may have to stay in jail until the next hearing. 

Consequences of probation violation

From increasing the term of your probation, to supervised probation, changing terms & conditions, and limited jailtime, there can be different consequences. If you did something that can be considered as a major violation of probation conditions, your probation can be revoked and you can be asked to serve jailtime. 

Hire an attorney

It is important to understand that probation hearings are different, and you cannot have a jury trial. This is one of the precise reasons why you need a criminal defense attorney by your side. Your attorney is key to explaining why you may have violated the conditions and for presenting mitigating factors. Eventually, the goal of your attorney is to ensure that jailtime is avoided and you can remain on probation. 

Find an attorney without delay after your arrest following probation violations. 

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