The LINX Procedure, How it Works, and the Length of the Recovery Period Explained

It is important to note that approximately forty percent of the patients who have had GERD or gastroesophageal reflux disease continue experiencing heartburn even after taking medication. Therefore, you are encouraged to have a LINX procedure done to help relieve your symptoms. Hence, the linx procedure in Dallas is performed by a team of specialists who are qualified to replace your faulty sphincter in the esophagus that has led to heartburn using a special device. Doing so enables you to resolve GERD and eliminate your dependency on drugs.

What is LINX?

LINX is a special device that specialists use to treat GERD, which is a condition that makes the acid in your stomach enter the esophagus. It thus causes heartburn together with other unpleasant symptoms. The initial treatment options available for GERD are medications that reduce the production of acid in your stomach, but they do not stop the acid from refluxing. It is because the drugs administered do not treat the cause of GERD, which is a weakened low esophageal sphincter, found at the bottom of the esophagus. The LINX is a round device the size of a quarter and is used to replace your faulty lower esophageal sphincter, hence preventing acid from entering your esophagus.

How does LINX work?

LINX is a special device because it consists of small and flexible bands of magnets coated with titanium beads, which are connected by titanium wires. The doctor, therefore, implants the device around the weak lower esophageal sphincter right above your stomach. The magnetic attraction between the titanium beads keeps your faulty esophageal sphincter closed, thus preventing gastric acid reflux. When swallowing food, the food forces the beads to expand temporarily, allowing food to pass just like a natural lower esophageal sphincter does.

The care provider implants the LINX device using a minimally invasive laparoscopic technique, a procedure that takes less than an hour. Your LINX device starts being functional the moment the implantation procedure is completed.

How long will you take to recover from a LINX procedure?

You can be discharged home within a day of your LINX implantation procedure and resume your regular diet very fast. You can also resume taking part in non-strenuous activities within a few days. LINX goes around the outside of the faulty sphincter and does not affect your stomach in any way; therefore, requiring less recovery time than you would after a Nissen fundoplication. It is also a procedure that preserves the normal physiological function of your body such that you can vomit or belch when need be.

Most people who have had the LINX implantation procedure have reported some positive feedback on their experience. For instance, ninety-nine percent have reported an end to regurgitation, eighty-eight percent do not experience heartburn, and eighty-five percent no longer take daily reflux medication.  It is also safe to have an MRI if you are required to have one because a LINX device does not affect airport security. The titanium and magnets used in making the LINX implant are also long-lasting, hence granting you benefit for long-term relief from GERD.

If you are in pain because of the heartburn caused by gastric acid reflux, call or consult Michael Sutker, MD, PA, today for more information about the LINX procedure.

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