The best way to keep your baby active and happy

You all know that having a baby is not at all an easy job; you spend most of your time playing, feeding and entertaining them. However, truly speaking, you hardly get any time to accomplish anything else. There are many times when you have to make them lie down in order to complete your household chores. You might use bouncers, cribs, walkers as well as colorful play mats, but they can only attract and hold them for some time, isn’t it? You should realize that your baby can now crawl and move all around the house, so you require something more attractive, entertaining and fun loving, such as an exersaucer.

What is an exersaucer?

An exersaucer is the best alternate to a baby walker. It has been observed that nowadays, many parents prefer all these kinds of bouncing, sitting and baby-propelled turning appliances as exersaucers.

As compared to a typical walker, exersaucers do not permit babies to move forward or backwards by using their feet. On the other hand, the baby can move about in the saucer that makes up the base. They can bounce up & down in the saucer itself. There is a colorful tray, with many toys attached to the saucer for baby’s entertainment; it can really keep your baby busy for hours.

What is the right time to keep your baby in an exersaucer?

It is generally suitable to keep your baby in an exersaucer, when they start to sit properly without any assistance. The age of 6 to 7 months is ideal for using the exersaucer.

Advantages of an exersaucer

All babies love to play and get entertained all the time, but on some occasions, you cannot give them time because of other commitments. This is the reason exersaucers are becoming very popular among parents. While the babies are having fun sitting in them, they even develop excellent motor skills, improve to focus on objects, learn different sounds and thus all this helps in their brain development.

Many physiotherapists suggest that parents should keep their children active from a very young age. With the help of the best exersaucer, you can be assured of your baby’s safety while keeping him/her engaged for hours. The best exersaucer is quite sturdy and its versatility is unmatched. It helps proper growth and development of babies to another level altogether.

How to choose the best exersaucer?

Where babies are concerned, your first priority should be their safety. Choose a branded exersaucer as the manufacturers pay special attention to the following:

  • Use of kid-safe materials,
  • Durability
  • Super-engineered designs (like no sharp edges)
  • Aesthetics

An exersaucer is introduced to entertain and make your baby busy with something that creates value for them as discussed above. Though they have their pros and cons, but they definitely provide you with an extra hand. You can use the exersaucer when you are busy and cannot hold your baby for long hours.

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