The Basics of Wearing a Tie for Looking Great

The tie is a statement when you wear it; it shows what kind of taste you have; how stylish you are and what kind of mood are you in at that day. If you love to wear a tie, you can visit Texans Tie; you are going to find the ties of your choice in their huge collection. Let’s look like some of the basics for wearing a tie:

How much longer and how much wide?

A popular belief is that the bigger the tie is, the better it is. Your necktie shouldn’t exceed your waist length. The buckle of your belt should be just touched by your tie. The lapel of your jacket will determine the width of your tie, so for a wide lapel, the tie should be wide and similarly for a narrow lapel, the tie should be narrow.

How to knot the tie?

You are going to be surprised to hear that there are 85 different way to knot your tie, but knowing all isn’t possible for a regular person. You just need to know one or two ways. The knot of your tie would depend on the collar of the shirt you are wearing with it. Cutaway and spread collars are popular, and Windsor knot fits them the best.

How should be the dimple of the knot?

Without a dimple, knots are not complete. The fabrics of your tie will determine if making the dimple will be easy or not. But whatever the reason is, make sure you have the dimple.

What should be the coordination of ties and shirts?

Choosing the right tie for the right shirt is an art. Remember you can’t make the pattern of your tie similar to the pattern of your shirt that you will be wearing. Make one dominant and the other not so, like if wear your shirt with dominant color don’t wear a tie with the dominant color.

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