Teeth Whitening: What Are The Available Procedures

Your mouth is often the point of focus when talking and laughing with colleagues; it opens you up to the world. However, discolored teeth can come in the way and prevent you from enjoying the essential experiences with your family and friends. One thing you will notice is you using your hands to cover your mouth when talking or laughing. Washington West End Dental wants you to speak loudly and laugh more, because what is a day without laughter?

Why are your teeth yellowing and stained?

Aging is an unavoidable part that all living things experience, and as you do so, you will notice stained and discolored teeth. The beverages you drink, plus some foods you eat, can cause discoloration of your teeth, making them yellow. In some instances, the natural wearing down of your teeth is the reason for the yellow color. Consequently, as you get older, the enamel breaks down gradually, exposing the yellow dentin that gives your teeth that stained look.

Your teeth can also become yellow when you actively take part in the following:

  • Use tobacco
  • Fail to brush your teeth regularly
  • Drink wine and colas
  • Eating staining fruits such as tomatoes and blueberries

Apart from fruits and beverages, certain drugs can also interact with your teeth and make them yellow.

Is teeth whitening a safe procedure?

Teeth whitening is a procedure that has been around for a long time, making it safe and effective. What is more, the FDA has approved it to help improve people’s aesthetics. In as much as the procedure will help you achieve a brighter smile, you will need to make various visits to your dentist for reapplication of the whitening substance. At most, the result of most teeth whitening procedures last between 4-6 months. However, the duration of your brilliant white teeth also depends on your oral hygiene, as the more you brush and floss, the longer you will avoid another visit to the doctor.

Teeth Whitening Techniques Available For Whiter Teeth

West End Dental has many procedures to suit your needs and health concerns. Lauren Izadi, DDS, the lead dentist, suggests that you select a procedure that fits your lifestyle. A short session with your dentist will help you make the best decision. Teeth whitening procedures that can help transform your mouth include:

  • Philips Zoom!

This in-office procedure surely transforms yellow teeth to brilliant white. Your doctor will cover your gums with rubber to make you comfortable before applying the teeth whitening substance. After 15 minutes with the solution on your teeth, your dentist uses a special light to trigger bleaching effects.

  • Take-home Whitening Procedures

Take home procedures often involve simple steps that offer similar results as in-office. Your dentist will provide you with a mouthpiece that will help hold the whitening substance while at home. You will wear the mouthpiece for up to four hours for the best results.

Redefine your looks with modernized teeth whitening solutions. Receive a Philips Zoom procedure that offers instant bleaching effects or go for a home-based solution to whiten your teeth at the comfort of your home. Call West End Dental today to schedule your appointment.

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