Sports Injury Treatment

If you are a sportsman or you enjoy an active lifestyle, at one point, you will need the services of sports medicine experts or specialists. Sports injuries are a common occurrence due to an unavoidable accident during the game, and anyone who actively participates in any form of sport or exercise is at risk. There are many underlying causes that lead to sports injuries, such as improper use of sports equipment and poor technique, or even insufficient warm-up and overexertion. Thankfully, Frisco sports medicine will help you eliminate the pain and facilitate your smooth transition going back to the games. Anyone who is injured during exercise or sports routines should consult our sports medicine specialist in Integrative Pain and Spine. Our experts not only treat the sports injury but will also prescribe the physical therapy and the rehabilitation process so that you can regain your full strength and flexibility. Our specialist will deal with all injuries associated with bones and soft tissues such as ligaments, tendons, and musculoskeletal injuries. The common sports-related injuries that our experts deal with are;

Shoulder Injuries

Some sports like baseball, handball, tennis, basketball, and gymnastics will require constant movements, and the extension of shoulder joints will lead to ligament injuries and shoulder-joint dislocation. This injury likely occurs because of the overextension of the joints. Our home therapist can treat minor injuries such as the non-displaced shoulder. Severe injuries like clavicle fractures and shoulder dislocation will require surgery from our Integrative Pain and spine Center treatment.

Foot and Ankle Injuries

The foot and ankle injuries are very common to athletes who participate in sports like hockey, football, volleyball, soccer, and track and field events. The athletes will experience foot and ankle related injuries such as Achilles Tendinitis, Plantar Fasciitis, Ankle Sprain, and Stress Fractures. Treatment of these injuries will involve physiotherapy in minor cases. Still, if the injuries are severe, surgery will be required.

Knee Injuries

The knee joint injury is the most common site for a sports-related injury. The Anterior Cruciate Ligament often tears due to overextension of the knee joint. It has a reduced ability to repair itself, making so many athletes worry about this injury. Other knee joint injuries are associated with sports such as Collateral Ligament Tears, Meniscal Tears, Tendonitis of the Knee, and Dislocations. Knee injuries often require surgical intervention for treatment, which is offered by specialists in Integrative Pain and spine.

As an intervention to the sustained sports injuries, our specialist, Dr.Badiyan, at Spine and joint physicians of Frisco will play a significant role in providing safe and effective pain relief to allow you to fully engage in sports once again. Dr. Badiyan will diagnose and examine the exact cause of pain to develop an individualized treatment to minimize and eventually eliminate the pain effectively. He will use various therapies such as joint injections, ligament and tendon injections, and therapeutic peripheral nerve blocks and viscosupplementation.

In conclusion, sports injuries can at worst destroy the athletes’ talents, so it’s important to always ensure you put into place preventive measures to minimize injuries such as keeping the muscles healthy, flexible, and resilient through regular exercise, doing thorough warm-ups and cool-down routines before exercising. In case of any sports injury, call Spine and Joint physician of Frisco or book an appointment online for help. 

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