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Math is the basic requirement for a Texas holdem poker player, but good players are the ones who know how to manage the money. When it comes to the top, the difference is made by those players who feel the opponent and are good at human psychology.

How do you organize a tour, which are the first things you do?

First of all, an agreement must be signed with a licensed partner. We have a license for online games, but you need a local partner with a live games license, usually a casino. Once we find the partners and all the licenses we have to make sure that the rooms are large enough for us, because the tournaments are getting bigger and bigger. In case of the dominoqq  this is very important.

  • After we have the partnership and the places of development we start to elaborate the program, to establish how many game events will be organized, the entrance fees.
  • We make a series of calculations, how many tables we will have, we estimate how many players will sign up for each event, how many will leave the event and how many will sign up for the next tournament, because every two hours every tournament starts.
  • After that, the contracts begin, including the hiring of the contract staff, and in Monte Carlo we have 254 people, only at the table level, starting with the dealers, floorman (who supervises the room and give directions to the tables), senior floor (ward heads). ), coordinators of dealers, chip controllers, after which there is a team of 50-60 people who handle the transport of all accessories, from gaming tables, to chips, to card mixers. We come two or three months before we see all the facilities, how it will be organized, where the registration will be made.

Mainly, the organization starts with five to six months before the tournament.

Do you play poker before joining the PokerStars team?

We played poker as a board game, as a family, as a hobby. Then, in Vienna, where we started my career, we studied sports, in fact sports and games are my hobbies, we started working as a dealer in a club, to ensure some money during my studies. This is the usual process in the casino world.

Many people say that poker players study economics or exact sciences. Are there professions that help you in this game?

Poker has two components. You need mathematical skills, but here is the basic part, but the next part involves economic knowledge, because it is about money management, just like the bank. You have a lot of money you have to manage to play: how much can we play, to what extent, how many tables can we play, how much can we play online?


Most successful players are first and foremost intelligent, have very good knowledge of mathematics and economics, because it is similar to the stock market activity: poker money moves every day, you win, you lose, you win again, and you lose. You have a good hand, you win, you want more, you play higher, but you have to save, you have to choose. It takes a lot of self discipline. 

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