Smart Appearance of the Hair At the FUE Clinic

Not all people with alopecia get used to their appearance, therefore, they try to find different solutions. One of them is hair transplantation or hair grafting.

A hair graft is an aesthetic microsurgery in which, as its name implies, hair is transplanted from populated areas to areas without hair. In this type of procedure, Turkey is one of the most advanced countries. Therefore, patients travel there when they want to get their hair back.

What is the hair graft?

The hair graft, also called hair micro graft or hair transplant is a surgical technique designed to recover hair from bald or depopulated areas. The technique is based on an auto transplantation of hair, without the possibility of rejection. First, hair follicles are extracted from areas such as the nape or the sides of the head, through small incisions in the scalp, areas where hair always exists.

The reason why the donor areas of the graft are located on the back and sides of the head is that genetics determines that hair always exists in these areas. Therefore, the transplantation of follicles from these regions will ensure the success of hair repopulation.

Hair grafting techniques

FUE technique

The FUE technique or strip technique is one of the most used in hair grafts. It consists of extracting a strip of scalp from the donor area of ​​the patient. Next, the follicles to be transplanted will be extracted from said strip. In the right FUE Clinics you can have the best solutions now.

In the donor area, the incision will be closed, leaving a practically imperceptible scar as it is hidden by the hair in the area itself. By obtaining a large number of follicles at once (from the skin strip) this technique is ideal for those patients with advanced alopecia , in which large unpopulated areas have to be covered.

The follicles to be transplanted are examined individually under a microscope. These follicular units can give rise to between 1 and 4 hairs. In those cases in which the patient does not have enough hair density in the nape area or in the lateral areas of the head (donor area), the follicles can be extracted from other areas of the body, such as the beard or the thorax.

FUE technique

In this technique, the follicles are individually extracted from the donor area. By extracting follicular units one by one by microsurgery, the invasiveness of the intervention is minimized, which does not leave scars.

To carry out the FUE technique, the donor area must be previously shaved. This type of surgery is recommended in cases where the area to be repopulated is small, since great results can be achieved by extracting and transplanting the follicles, one by one.

Robotic FUE technique

This variant of the FUE technique has a number of advantages over the previous one. By using a robot, which automates the follicle extraction process, great results are achieved in less time. Therefore, this variant is very useful when repopulating larger areas.

On the other hand, the high efficiency and precision of the robots that are currently used in the process, guarantees that the follicular units are extracted and grafted without being damaged , guaranteeing their survival and successful repopulation.

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