Select The Best Quality Based on Key Features of a Mixer Grinder

You might intend to buy a mixer grinder to supplement kitchen equipment. However, before actually buying a mixer grinder it’s good to know about tips to select the best of it based on the key features of a mixer grinder. Buying the right mixer grinder can help your work whenever you have to prepare food and drinks. Visit for a great deal on mixer grinder in Sri Lanka.

At least there are many factors that you have to consider before buying it. This does not only talk about the budget you provide to buy kitchen equipment. There are several factors such as wattage, speed, jars size, blades, and so on. You who want to find out more detailed information can read this article to the end.

Power or Wattage

The first key features of a mixer grinder selection are based on power or wattage. This will have a correlation to power consumption every time you use it. The need for power consumption will increase when you use a mixer grinder to smooth hard food items.

Most of these devices on the market offer wattage of around 500 Watts up to 750 watts. You can buy it that matches the number of wattage in your home. Make sure you don’t choose the wrong wattage.


The second consideration to buy a mixer grinder is based on the speed of the rotate blades or called RPM. You will find a mixer grinder that is sold with speeds ranging from 18000 RPM to 23000 RPM. There is mixer grinder that offers speeds above 23000 RPM. However, you must choose the right of it which is able to provide high or low-speed performance.

The ability to give high and low turns will be very useful for preparing food from different ingredients. Spices and liquids can be mixed and mashed evenly with a low RPM speed. Meanwhile, solid food can be smooth with a high RPM speed.

Jars Size

There are many types of mixer grinders and each has different size jars. You have to choose the right size of the jar so that you can use it comfortably. Size also depends on consideration of the usefulness of this tool whether it will be used for personal purposes at home or business purposes.

When you use it for business, you need a large jar size. Another consideration that must also be considered is the availability of space to store and use it. If you do not have a large space, it is recommended to buy a mixer grinder with a small jar size.


The key to success in mixing and grinding tasks depends on the blades of the mixer grinder. There are many shapes of blades, materials, and grades. All considerations related to the blade will greatly affect the performance of this tool.

Blade made of quality metal will be more resistant to corrosion and oxidation. The blade can also stay sharp without needing to be replaced for a long time when it is made of quality metal.


You have to considerate based on warranty also before buying a mixer grinder. A good company with it will offer a good warranty. A common warranty for this equipment is from 3 to 5 years. Pay attention carefully to the warranty massage before buying it.

Make sure if you follow some of the key features of a mixer grinder selection tips to get the best of it. You will find that this machine can help you better than an ordinary mixer or grinder.


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