Rugged in vehicle PCs – Taking you into Explosive Situations

Having a PC in your vehicle is becoming imperative, especially as people are no longer bound to an office and are working on the go. Rugged in vehicle PCs means you don’t have to be bound to an office to be productive.

There is always a need to access data outside of traditional office hours, and having access to a central database of information means employees have flexibility when tackling office responsibilities. Whether you’re in-office or in a vehicle, your workplace could have activities which produce flammable gases or vapours and a potentially explosive atmosphere.

Going into Explosive Atmospheres

Those who use a rugged laptop often have jobs that take them into situations like this while on the move, and rugged laptops are weather sealed. They are portable and designed to cope with the extreme elements and environments you find yourself in. Rugged in vehicle PCs come with good battery life and a charging dock which can also be installed in your vehicle, ensuring you’re never caught off-guard with a computer that won’t work.

A rugged laptop is both reliable and versatile. These laptops are vibration resistant and can withstand extreme temperatures and are suitable for a range of different environments – warehouse management, transport and logistics, healthcare and more.

The innovative modular concept of the hand-held computer from ATEX, for instance, offers a number of configuration options for different applications in hazardous environments. This is a PDA with –

  • Global explosion protection
  • Long service life because of its wear-resistance and ruggedness
  • A wide range of accessories
  • Configurable and coming with a wide-area network.

When you buy rugged in vehicle PCs you may have reason to believe that wireless devices in a vehicle can put you at risk of injury because you’re distracted. When you drive while using mobile technology, you’re mentally and physically multi-tasking, and many types of devices such as touchscreens have a negative impact on the ability to drive properly. It is why a laptop mounted on a docking station makes such good sense.

The ATEX handheld mobile computer provides the flexibility to have staff on the move without worrying about the devices needed to get the job done. Workers are able to transition between tasks without having to switch devices, ensuring the safety of workers in different environments.

Global Approval to be Used Anywhere, Everywhere

These mobile computers with their many features come with global approval and are compatible with existing systems – the perfect solution for explosive environments.

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