Routine Development Screenings/ADHD in Argyle, TX

Consistent developmental screenings are vital in ensuring your child is growing healthy, strong, and cheerful with each passing month. At Argyle Pediatrics, Carrie Jones, MD, provides routine developmental screenings/ADHD. With her staff, Dr. Carrie Jones works with you to track your kid’s essential milestones from infancy to young adulthood. She is experienced in identifying and managing symptoms of common childhood conditions that affect development, such as autism and ADHD. For more information about the significance of developmental screenings, call or schedule an appointment online today. 

What are Developmental Screenings?

This involves regular evaluation of how a kid is growing and developing over time by a doctor or specialist. The screening is also effective in tracking the milestones your child reaches as they grow. Dr. Jones offers development screenings at every well-child visit appointment.  The doctor might endorse more frequent screenings if she suspects any abnormal issue with your child’s development due to preterm birth, existing health conditions, or environmental exposure to exposures such as lead.

What Developmental Screenings Does Your Child Require?

The doctor carries out developmental screenings based on the age of your child and medical history. Some of your child’s development aspects that require these screenings include; fine and gross motor capabilities, adaptive skills, and problem-solving abilities. In case your child shows delays in their development or isn’t attaining the milestones, they may need further clinical assessment.

What Conditions Might Cause Developmental Delays?

Numerous conditions may interfere with the development and growth of children. Some of the common pediatric developmental issues include; cerebral palsy, down syndrome, and intellectual disabilities. At Argyle Pediatrics, Dr. Jones and her team also provide other screening options for identifying conditions like ADHD and autism spectrum disorders.

What is ADHD?

ADHD (attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder) is a childhood mental disorder that can develop through adulthood. The disorder makes it challenging for your child to concentrate at home, in school, or on the task at hand. ADHD also causes your kid to move excessively, unable to keep still and complete home or schoolwork. They might also be regularly be caught in trouble of disrupting others or failing to complete an assignment. 

Is ADHD treatable?

At present, ADHD has no cure. However, Dr. Jones can make a personalized treatment plan to address your child’s symptoms and enhance their quality of life. Normally, ADHD management involves everyone in the child’s direct care, including teachers, family members, and caregivers. The doctor will work closely with the people involved in your child’s life to enhance behaviors and help with their education. There are also available prescription medications that can alleviate your child’s ADHD symptoms giving them improved concentration and focus on particular activities.

In conclusion, development screenings are essential to assess your child’s progress and ensure any disorder during their growth is detected and managed as early as possible. This will help you to prevent more severe conditions from developing. For more information about development screenings and managing ADHD in and around Argyle, Texas, call or schedule an appointment online.

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