Rome Car Rental: Best Car Models for Trips

Forget about group excursions – you can independently travel all over Italy, not only its capital. It is enough to use car rental in Rome. Generally, it is a proven and reliable way to get the best impressions of all Italian beauties. Do not forget that a few hours’ drive there are other countries: France, Switzerland, Austria, where you can make an auto race, regardless of any schedules and conventions.

Rental terms

To rent a car in Rome, you will need a standard set of documents: a passport, a driver’s license (preferably international) and a credit card. A driver who has reached the age of 21 and has a driving experience of at least one year has the right to get behind the wheel of a rented car. For hiring prestigious cars, the minimum age must be 25 years, and the driving experience – up to 5 years.

Choice of model and its cost

In the parks of Rome car rental companies, you will be offered a large selection of cars from economy models to SUVs, premium class, minivans and used Fiat Cars.

The cost of rent primarily depends on the tourist season, the brand and class of the car, its condition, the number of days (the longer you take it, the lower the daily rate is), additional services and formal insurance.

According to the majority of tourists’ choice, the following cars are always in demand:

Lancia Ypsilon

Lancia Ypsilon (29.99 $), like the other models of the group, has a modernized design, friendly, sporty and at the same time very elegant. It is considered an excellent car for the city being compact and maneuverable. The luggage compartment pleases with its spaciousness. The driver will sit very convenient, regardless how tall he is. However, this classic sedan is mostly to the youth audience. Fuel consumption from 5.5 up to 7 liters per 100 km.

Smart Fortwo

Smart Fortwo (25 $) is a compact car for a couple-trip. It has excellent maneuverability and can occupy the smallest spaces in any parking lot, during rush hour or on the smallest streets. Despite the size, it will be convenient for an ordinary adult person. This moment provides a good overview of the environment. One of the main trumps Smart Fort is futuristic design of its interior and very rich equipment. The fuel consumption is from 4 to 5.2 l / 100 km.

Renault Clio

Renault Clio can be hired at car rental in Fiumicino airport for 31 $. Its best qualities are the balance and easy handling. The driver’s seat is well thought out – a comfortable instrument panel, adjustable seat, steering wheel. The salon has separate compartments and “pockets” for small items, there is a pair of “cup holders”, as well as bottle holders in the door panels. In addition, there is a practical and convenient trunk. Modern equipment and high-quality finishing materials will make your trip as comfortable as possible. The fuel consumption is from 6 to 12 l / 100 km.

Alfa Romeo

Nevertheless, the most popular car in Rome is Alfa Romeo. Cars of this brand are characterized by an exquisite sports style and excellent functionality. So, if you decided to take Alfa Romeo, car rental in Fiumicino airport are at your attention. In addition to sports cars, in Rome, the following models are also available for rent: family Alfa Romeo Compact Giullietta (23 $), ultra-modern 5 seat people Alfa Romeo Giulia (40 $) and SUV Alfa Romeo Stelvio (59 $)

Quality plastic, ergonomic seats, excellent equipment – an integral part of each model.

Good luck on the roads!

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