Restore and Enhance Your Smile with Crowns & Bridges Specialists in California

Are you concerned about damaged or missing teeth? Oral prosthetics such as crowns & bridges offer a convenient and quick way to restore or enhance your smile’s appearance. At Sargon Dental, with two convenient locations in West Hollywood and Encino neighborhoods of Los Angeles, CA, Sargon Lazarof, DDS, and the team use crowns & bridges to address common oral concerns like dental decay and tooth loss. To consult with an Encino crowns & bridges specialist, request an appointment today with Sargon Dental through mobile or book online.

What Are Crowns & Bridges?

Crowns & bridges are oral prosthetics used to replace damaged or missing teeth. Crowns are tooth-like coverings, which prevent a cracked, decaying, or chipped tooth from being damaged further. Once put in place, the crown covers the entire tooth above the gum line, restoring its appearance, size, and shape.

On the other hand, bridges are oral prosthetics used to fill the gaps in your smile. Although there are many forms of dental bridges, conventional bridges are the most common. A traditional bridge comprises an artificial tooth (pontic) and two crowns. Dr. Lazarof attaches these crowns to the two teeth on either side of the gap in your smile, holding the pontic in position.

What dental concerns can crowns & bridges address?

Crowns & bridges are both oral prosthetics but serve varying functions. At Sargon Dental, your provider uses crowns to:

  • Restore fractured teeth
  • Attach to dental implants
  • Replace huge fillings
  • Protect weak teeth
  • Improve the appearance of discolored or stained teeth

Dr. Lazarof uses bridges to replace one or more missing teeth. The gaps left by missing teeth heighten your risk of more severe dental health concerns, including bone decay and gum recession.

What To Expect With Crowns & Bridges

Receiving crowns and bridges typically takes two visits, spaced several weeks apart. Before receiving a crown, your provider performs a dental exam, cross-checks your history, and conducts X-rays. During your appointment, he administers a local anesthetic to reduce the pain and anxiety and shaves a thin enamel layer from the sides and top of your affected tooth.

Afterward, he takes impressions of your tooth and sends them to the on-site dental laboratory. A week or two following your visit at Sargon Dental, Dr. Lazarof bonds your tooth’s permanent crown to the top of your tooth.

The procedure of getting a bridge is generally similar. The sole variation is that Dr. Lazarof prepares both teeth on either side of the gap to get a crown. To ensure this, they shave a thin enamel layer from the sides and top of your tooth.

Afterward, he takes impressions of the tooth and sends them to their on-site laboratory. A week or two later, Dr. Lazarof bonds your bridge into position, filling the gap left by missing teeth.

How To Care For Crowns & Bridges

You should care for these oral prosthetics just like your natural teeth. Floss and brush daily and schedule an appointment at Sargon Dental every six months for expert cleaning and oral examinations. Keep away from bad habits such as chewing on popcorn kernels or ice cubes and nail-biting to ensure your prosthetics remain in perfect condition.

In conclusion, crowns and bridges are an ideal solution for missing or damaged teeth. To find out how you can benefit from crowns and bridges, request an appointment today by calling the office or use the online booking tool.

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