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With a certified doctor’s team, the Genesis regenerative center provides a high-quality service medical diagnosis to acute and chronic medical conditions. They use modern technology to verify any condition from their patients at a low cost. Athletes suffering from sports injuries, pain, or other sport-related complications need to fear not as their problems are well attended by Dr. Vinay Chopra, a sports medicine physician. Problems like fractures, strains, joint disorders, and nutritional help are also offered here at pocket-friendly prices. Apart from sport-related injuries and difficulties, genesis regenerative sports and aesthetic medicine center provides the following service to its clients; hip pain, orthopedics, Juvederm, plantar fasciitis, labrum tear, meniscus tear, golfers elbow, tennis elbow, Achilles tendon, lipogems adipose, knee pain, concussion, weight loss, and tenjet.


Tenjet is a minimal tendon cutting system to remove damaged tissues around the joints area. The tenjet process gives room for removing damaged tissues while maintaining the healthy tissues around the affected area. The tool needed to perform this procedure is an applicator with multiple passages inserted near the injury. Platelet-rich plasma may be used in this procedure to speed up the healing of the damage.

Weight loss

People suffering from being overweight or obese may try to lose weight in a short time. Genesis center is the best place for this process of weight loss; a team of professionals work toward your goal and monitor a work plan for weight loss. Weight loss can reduce the risks of heart-related diseases, strokes, joint pain, back pain, blood pressure, diabetes, depression, and anxiety. Doctors may suggest a keto diet to help reduce sugar intake, thus reducing the body’s insulin. Weight loss can increase self-esteem and confidence in obese people, hence raising one’s productivity in society.

Hip pain

Hip pain can result from hip fractures, bursitis, tendinitis, labral tear, and osteoarthritis. Hip fractures are common in older people who have weak bones. Bursitis results from recurring injury where the bursae swell, releasing a liquid responsible for preventing bones and muscles from rubbing each other. Tendinitis is a result of tendons attaching muscles and bones becoming peeved. A labral tear occurs mostly on the shoulder joint. Treatment of hip pain depends on the cause of the problem. Treatment like platelets rich plasma, bone marrow aspirate, tenjet tenotomy, and lipogems may be useful for hip pain relief. Genesis center provides the above treatments at a reasonable cost.

Orthopedics and Juvederm

Orthopedics is a treatment to the muscles, bones, and joints with a problem hindering movement. Genesis center diagnoses the problem and gives therapy to the patient found suffering from the disorder. Conditions that may require orthopedics treatment are broken bones, concussions, joint pain, fibromyalgia, tendinitis, strains, carpal tunnel syndrome, and sprains. Physical therapy, tenjet, and surgery are available at the Genesis center to treat the orthopedics disorder. Juvederm is the fixation of the skin to look young again. Healthy skin contains hyaluronic acid, which causes the skin to maintain its structure. The filler process can be used to fix the nose and lips area to improve the looks and shape.

Plantar fasciitis

Plantar fasciitis is a hurting fixing condition originating from the plantar fascia. Plantar fasciitis is characterized by pain in the heel’s bottom to the arch, and the disorder worsens after taking rest. Plantar fasciitis is caused by wearing ill-fitting shoes, standing for so long, walking on hard grounds, and carrying overweight loads. Tenjet tenotomy, platelet-rich plasma, and fat therapy are common treatments offered to correct this condition.

Genesis regenerative sports and aesthetic medicine center offers high-quality services to its clients at a minimal cost. Quality service is the core value of their operation over the years. You can book an online appointment at ease to get the services you need. Doctors and a team of professionals are always available to attend to your problem.

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