Reasons Why You Should Negotiate a Reasonable Divorce Settlement 

Are you considering filing for divorce? If so, the next question is, how do you reduce the chance of a hostile divorce that will more than likely end up in the divorce court? 

The divorce process is always as a consequence of the breakdown in marital relations. And, by inference, it is natural for the divorce settlement negotiations to dissolve into an antagonistic fight no matter how well-intended the parties are. 

However, according to the Wagoner Law Firm legal experts, it is critical for everyone involved’s sake, that the divorce is settled as amicably as possible. This statement is especially true if there are minor children involved. Thus, here are the fundamental reasons why you should negotiate an amicable divorce settlement: 

Reduce the stress levels children experience

Divorce is ranked as the second highest, most stressful life event for the adults involved. Children feel the divorce stress even worse than adults. John Chirban, licensed psychologist and Cambridge Counseling Associates director, surveyed over ten thousand children and their divorced parents, and he discovered that children tend to “internalize the problem and see themselves as the cause of the stress.” 

Children will also often lie and say what they think their parents should hear. Additionally, the children’s stress levels increase exponentially if there is frustration and conflict between both parents. This conflict often spills over into the adults’ relationship with their children and can result in severe strain and can have a seriously negative impact on their children’s lives.Additionally, 2019 statistics show that only 60% of children in the United States are still living with both of their married, biological parents. Thus, 40% of all children live in an unstable environment. Thus, increasing the risk of behavioral problems, including academic challenges like dropping out of school and achieving low grades, depression, and alcohol and drug abuse.

Reduce the overall costs 

The longer the divorce drags out, the higher the costs will be. And, these costs will increase rapidly if the matter ends up going to trial. Also, the division of all of the assets accrued during the marriage will need to be divided up equally, unless a prenuptial agreement is signed between the two parties, stating how the assets accumulated before and during the marriage should be divided up.

Protect your mental health 

As described above, it’s vital to ensure that the divorce negotiations do not spill over into your and your partner’s relationship with your children. However, it is equally important that you protect yourself during this stressful time. And, one of the best ways to protect yourself is to ensure that the divorce process is as uncomplicated and as simple as possible. 

Furthermore, it is equally important to acknowledge that, even if your divorce fits the “amicable” parameters, it will still result in high stress levels. Succinctly stated, divorce is stressful in its nature. Thus, it’s vital to look after yourself. You will only be able to look after your children if you look after yourself first.


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