Reasons Why Online Live Classes Are Essential For Students

Due to COVID pandemic, schools and colleges get closed all over the country. So, there is a dramatic change happened in our education system. However, with the advent of lido learning, teaching is now remotely executed on digital platforms. So, students get best online classes in the student-teacher ratio 6:1. Students can now score good marks and have a bright future. Students have live classes in subjects including English, Science, maths, and coding.

How children get benefit from lido learning?

Engaging content, customized learning platform and a face-to-face interaction with teachers are what every student needs to have better learning experience. Lido learning is likely to provide these three in its virtual classroom.

  • With a maximum of six students in every class and face-to-face interaction with teachers, your children attain personalized attention. Students get enough opportunities to clarify their doubts. Furthermore, parents receive regular updates regarding their child’s learning.
  • Every online class contains high-definition animated videos, live IQ tests, and interactive games. So, children can easily learn the concepts.
  • Live online classes do not only cover school curriculum yet also extra-curricular activities including technical skills, creativity, communication skills, and problem solving.

Proficiency-based learning:

Different students have a different learning style. The level of engagement is really missing in usual classroom. This is because of domineering students or peer competition that makes students hesitate while interacting with teachers. In contrast, online live classes offer the required flexibility for students to gain transferable skills and abilities. Here, teaching is focused on learner’s pace and not on other factors.

Increased attendance:

As educational institutes are now switching to virtual classes due to virus outbreak, there will be a considerable increase in the students’ attendance. They don’t have to travel long distance to reach schools. So, the present tech-savvy kids enjoy the concept of online classes.

Trackable learning:

Is it possible to track learning ability and performance of students? Yes, information about every student is stored individually and tracked digitally in online mode. The digital tools let teachers track students easily and offer detailed reports on their performance. This helps teachers create lecturers and tutorials based on student’s learning patterns.

Final verdict:

Though Corona Virus makes education challengeable to both teachers and students, Lido learning keeps everyone busy with virtual lectures, assignments, and worksheets. Even, parents also want their children to get online education. Lido learning empowers students to learn skills and master concepts. Many exciting things are waiting for you. Join lido now to change the world!

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