Proven Treatment for Opioid Addiction at Uptown Psych

Opioid addiction is a national epidemic that could destroy your life in many ways. Uptown Psych serves a diverse area from the location in the Uptown neighborhood of Chicago. At the practice, a top-rated psychiatrist offers comprehensive treatment for opioid addiction. For Chicago Suboxone, visit Uptown Psych for a multi-faceted treatment combining behavioral therapeutic practices, innovative counseling, and the latest treatment options like Suboxone®. You may benefit from a reliable formula to enjoy a drug-free life.

What is Suboxone?

Suboxone is a prescription medication that can help you treat opioid dependence. The medication has effectively helped opioid addicts get off prescription and illegal opioids. A Suboxone treatment stimulates opioid receptors in your brain without giving you a similar high to opioids.

Advantages of Suboxone

Suboxone treatment is not administered to get a similar full high that you can get from an opioid. In due time, you will find it relatively harder to abuse medication that could be administered for substance abuse, for example, Methadone.

Suboxone also increases your accessibility to treatment options for severe opioid dependence and is a proven treatment option for substance abuse that delivers long term results.

Safety of Suboxone

Suboxone is highly safe and proven for delivering effective results. Mild side effects of a Suboxone treatment include:

  •       Fatigue
  •       Nausea
  •       Vomiting
  •       Fainting
  •       Insomnia
  •       Headaches
  •       Withdrawals
  •       Lightheadedness
  •       Blurry vision
  •       Back pain
  •       Heart palpitations

In case of the side effects highlighted above, talk to your provider at Uptown Psych for immediate assistance. Before you receive a Suboxone prescription, your physician conducts a conclusive medical evaluation to ensure that you are qualified for the treatment.

In the case of organ damage, your physician may seek an alternative to Suboxone. It is also paramount that you desist from mixing alcohol and Suboxone to avoid death or unconsciousness.

What to Expect During a Suboxone Treatment?

Uptown Psych is designed to deliver comfort and convenience through all stages of your treatment. The practice has in-house certified physicians that are experts in prescribing Suboxone and helping a substance abuser get a holistic addiction treatment plan through a combination of behavioral therapy and counseling. The multi-faceted approach comprises Suboxone and has proven effective in addiction treatment.

Your physician at Uptown Psych starts with a low dosage and clear instruction on when and how to take your Suboxone. Your medication is available in the form of film and tablets. You should not deviate from your prescription instructions without guidance from your provider.

Your caregiver monitors your response to the medication and its impact on your health. The first two months are a trial period to determine your response to treatment. You should refrain from further abuse of opioids and drugs to live a better life.

Other Conditions Treated at Uptown Psych

Uptown Psych has a team of certified physicians that treat:

  • Attention deficit disorder
  • ADHD
  • Addiction
  • Obsessive-compulsive disorder
  • Pharmacotherapy
  • Anger management
  • Anxiety
  • Post-traumatic stress disorder
  • Autism
  • Psychotherapy
  • Bipolar disease
  • Cognitive-behavioral therapy
  • Schizophrenia
  • Depression
  • Sleep problems
  • Eating disorder
  • Substance abuse
  • Telemedicine
  • Major depressive disorder

For each condition, our treatment is fully customized to address individual symptoms and needs.

Wrapping Up

If you are around Chicago, Illinois, book an appointment for immediate assistance with opioid addiction at Uptown Psych through a phone call or the online booking system.

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