Professional Welding Options for You Now

Just like professionals, an amateur handyman may have to weld during work in his house. Welding consists of assembling two pieces of metal which are heated so that they melt and can be agglomerated.

This technique is particularly widely used in the fields of plumbing, locksmithing or even bodywork. There are several welding processes which each require a different material. Our advice is there for choosing the right welding machine. Using the  is important there.

How to choose your welding machine: guide, advice, models and cost

What is a welding machine?

A welding machine is used to combine parts whose material is iron, stainless steel or aluminum. There are three welding techniques: electric arc welding, flame welding and hot iron welding.

Electric arc welding, also called covered electrode welding is the one that gives the best results over time. This technique is indeed efficient and fast thanks to the high heat produced by an electric arc. It is also accessible even for an amateur handyman.

The arc welding machine is in fact an electric transformer, supplied by the mains current, equipped with an electrode generally made of a metal wire (flux-cored wire), which allows parts to be welded together by producing a current at high intensity.

The role of the welding machine is to convert the 220 V alternating current that arrives in your house into direct current, measured in amperages. It is fitted with a potentiometer which allows this current to be varied. A welding machine is also made up of two connectors connected to the positive and negative poles of the tool: one of the connectors to the electrode holder, the other to ground.

The electrode (also known as the rutile electrode or welding rod) is composed of a conductive coating which melts and which then forms a sort of crust (called “slag”) which protects the weld from oxidation.

Concretely, a short circuit is caused to cause an electric arc between the electrode and the metal to be welded. This electric arc is obtained with direct current and it is visible in the form of a light flash or sparks. The heat produced, which can reach up to 4,500 ° C, allows the metal to be welded to melt and become flexible.

The different models of welding machine

There are different models of welding stations which each correspond to particular types of welding work. Anyway, it is strongly recommended to practice handling this tool with scrap metal before actually starting to weld.

The MMA Inverter welding machine

The Manual metal arc (MMA) welding machine is the most suitable for a beginner or occasional handyman because it is easy to handle and adjust in terms of power. It allows welding steel, cast iron or stainless steel from 2 to 10 mm. However, it cannot be used to solder aluminum or copper.

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