Plastic Surgery: Enhancing Your Appearance

The effects of gravity, sun exposure, and lifestyle choices can affect your facial appearance. It doesn’t take long before your cheeks and jowls start to sag due to the folds and loose skin. Fortunately for you, facilities like Cleveland Plastic Surgery Institute use a combination of treatments such as non-surgical BOTOX injections and face creams to delay any easy signs of aging. However, the treatments have limitations as excessive use of fillers can bloat your face as much as they address wrinkles and fine lines. 

A facelift surgery tightens your facial muscles. Therefore, it’s a good remedy if you have excess facial and neck skin or jowls. The treatment removes slack skin and shaves off years off your face, leaving you with a balanced and more natural-looking face. 

Enhancing Your Natural Beauty

A facelift doesn’t make you a different person. On the contrary, it only enhances your natural appearance by removing age-induced slack and refreshes your overall look.  It reverses aging signs to allow you to regain rejuvenated and a more youthful appearance. 

What Does a Facelift Address?

  • Drooping facial muscles
  • Heavy wrinkles along your mouth and cheeks
  • Neck folds and loose skin
  • Jowls and sagging skin

A Combination of Facelift Treatment

Combining facelift with other procedures gives you a balanced rejuvenation

Plastic surgeons personalize facelifts to fit your desires as patients have different degrees of aging in their facial and neck regions. The procedure focuses on your lower and midface. It also treats the annoying loose skin in your neck region. The neck is particularly important as it doesn’t respond well to non-surgical treatments.   Aging affects the appearance of your neck and face which means you need a balanced treatment to get a more natural look. 

The neck region is vital in a refreshed and younger appearance. Therefore, a facelift in your neck and face together gives you the best results. Specialists commonly combine facelifts with other facial rejuvenation procedures. What are these combined procedures?

  • Neck/facelift with BOTOX cosmetic treatment to treat frown lines, crow’s feet, and fillers to treat fine lines.
  • Neck/facelift with upper eyelid surgery to eliminate excess skin from your upper eyelids
  • Some patients opt for a facelift with lateral brow lifting if they are too low. 

Importance of Physical Appearance

Most people, including women, place a higher value on their appearance and health.  Most hardly consider nutrition but think more in terms of calorie counting.  Younger women tend to emulate TV stars when looking for ways to enhance their facial appearance. 

Your face is a highly noticed body part. Appearance affects social interactions, self-esteem, and confidence. In psychology, outward appearance matters a lot in enhancing your personality.

A facelift amplifies your eyelashes and improves your facial looks. You end up with smooth and tight skin. A facelift has amazing anti-aging results.


If you have loose facial skin or folds around your neck, you can go for a facelift to tighten those muscles and give you the amazing appearance you desire. Plastic surgery enhances your beauty and appearance. It’s a good way of getting rid of excess skin and to revamp your overall natural appearance. Schedule an appointment with a plastic surgeon to get your facelift.


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