Pastor Chris Pulls Off a Memorable Holy Land Tour in 2018

Pastor Chris Oyakhilome is known to many as a “Man of God” and has a large following of believers. Leader of the Christ Embassy Church, Pastor Chris Oyakhilome has hundreds of devoted followers who have been with him and the church for many years. The Christ Embassy Church, along with Pastor Chris, had carefully planned a trip to the Holy Land for years and are proud to have seen it through in 2018.

A Spiritual Visit to the Holy Land

Pastor Chris, along with hundreds of his dedicated followers, headed out on a spiritual journey into Israel and Jordan. The goal of the trip was for followers to experience the journey that Jesus Christ took, according to the Bible and its passages. The trip was geared for Christians and Jews alike. It allowed the group to walk in the same places Christ was written to walk while experiencing and learning more about his journey. The itinerary was carefully planned to include as many holy places as it could, to allow travelers the opportunity to experience as much as possible in the days that they were there.

LoveWorld incorporations stated that they received an amazingly warm welcoming from those already living in the Israel and Jordan areas. Those who follow the Christian and Jewish faiths were excited to receive Pastor Chris and his people. This further highlighted how close a connection Evangelicals maintain towards the people of the Holy Land and the land itself.

Monumental Events in Israel

The 2018 visit of Pastor Chris and the Christ Embassy Church coincided with two major events concerning Israel. The 70th year of Independence was marked for the Jewish land during the visit, as was the monumental move for the United States embassy, who went from Tel Aviv to the capital of Israel, Jerusalem.

The Embassy move was announced earlier on in the year by Donald Trump, the current President of the United States of America. There was a major significance surrounding this monumental move. It was to show to the world that the United States stands behind and supports the Holy City of Jerusalem, as well as their capital, Israel. In honor of such a big step, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs put together a reception for celebrities and dignitaries to attend. Among those invited was Pastor Chris Oyakhilome. The Pastor was warmly welcomed by various members of the government upon his arrival. Many other Jewish guests were also on hand to welcome the Pastor at the reception and to speak to him about his ministry.

Highlights of the Eight-Day Tour

Pastor Chris Oyakhilome and his followers stuck to a demanding yet fulfilling itinerary during their eight-day visit to the Holy Land. The tour included visits to the Sea of Galilee, Mount Hertzel, Caesarea, Abu Gosh, and the Tomb of Lazareth, to name a few. One group was also able to visit various holy sites in Jordan as part of the tour. Pastor Chris Oyakhilome was also present to minister to the local observers and participants of the tour throughout the visit. According to the locals and his followers, Pastor Oyakhilome provided ministrations that were “full of glory and gospel” at all times.

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