Negotiating workers’ compensation claim: Get a lawyer!

You were injured at work and have sustained serious injuries. Chances are high that you have medical bills to pay and may have to be out of work for days or months to come. In Virginia, all employers are required to have workers’ compensation insurance. This also gives them immunity that an injured worker cannot sue them directly. That said, the workers’ compensation system can be complicated at times, and since insurance companies pay the compensation, things may not move as expected. That’s one of the many reasons why you definitely need a Virginia workers’ compensation lawyer by your side. 

‘Do I really need a lawyer for my workers’ compensation claim?”

That’s often one of the basic questions that injured workers have in mind, especially when you are already dealing with losses, medical bills, and loss of wages. While there is no rule that states that you have to hire a workers’ compensation lawyer for your case, you need one for their expertise and experience. Your lawyer can help in filing the claim in an appropriate manner, so that a small mistake doesn’t ruin your claim. On your behalf, they can take things forward with the insurance company. 

Getting the compensation that you deserve

Insurance companies are here to make money, and their claims adjusters do the best they can, to reduce financial burden of the company. In other words, you cannot expect a soft approach from them. To top all of that, they have a huge legal team behind them, and it often happens that they reject workers’ compensation claims for flimsy reasons. One of the key reasons you need a lawyer is to get the compensation and workers’ compensation benefits you deserve. Lawyers know what it takes to negotiate with the company, and as needed, they may even choose to take the matter to court. If the verdict is in favor of the insurance company, the lawyer can consider an appeal. In other words, your lawyer will fight for your compensation. 

Final word

An experienced workers’ compensation lawyer can guide at every step, and depending on the facts of the case, they may even choose to work on a contingency basis. Hiring an attorney is probably your best bet at ensuring that your claim is rewarded. Also, you can have the mental support that you may need during these hard times. Just make sure that your lawyer is experienced enough with workers’ compensation system in Virginia.    

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