Most Effective Exercises With Medicine Ball



Today we will look at the most effective exercises with a medicine ball that will make you stronger and more resilient.

Medicine ball is an excellent sports equipment weighing from 1 to 20 kg, which is used for sports and rehabilitation training. Medicine ball is increasingly being purchased for classes not only in fitness rooms, but also at home.

Currently, exercises with medicine ball are often used in crossfit and professional sports to develop the strength and endurance of athletes. Wrestlers and boxers use a medicine ball to simulate pressure from their opponents and improve muscle function throughout the body.

Medicine Ball Set Of Exercises

Slam Ball Exercises: Medicine Ball Throwing Over The Shoulder

During this exercise, the whole body works, strength and speed develop perfectly.

Technique of execution:

Stanz over the medicine ball, bend over and pick it up in your hands. Next, throw the ball to your feet. Now bend as fast as possible and throw the ball over your left shoulder. Repeat the exercise by throwing the ball over your right shoulder.

Medicine Ball Throws Down: Proper Form And Technique

This exercise is very suitable for the training of fighters. Due to its explosive manner, it very imitates the movement of the blow.

Technique of execution:

Take the medicine ball and lift it above your head. Now that there is strength, throw the ball down, “escorting” it at least to the level of the pelvis.

Ball Throws Up: Features, Proper Form

This is a great explosive exercise, which is very common in CrossFit. It affects the whole body, develops strength and a sense of balance.

Technique of execution:

Take the medicine ball, take the squat position, and lock the ball in front of you at neck level. Now get up and simultaneously throw the medicine ball as high as possible into the wall. Catch the ball with your hands and repeat the exercise. 

Training with a medical ball takes place sparingly for ligaments and joints. This minimizes the risk of injury and damage. That is why medicine ball is used for the rehabilitation here you can find andriol testocaps in australia of the elderly and people after injuries.

Medicine ball is effectively used in plyometric and cardio training for the development of speed-strength qualities, explosive strength, and strength endurance. With it, you will develop a general physical strength that is useful to you in daily life.

Medicine ball will diversify your workouts, increase their effectiveness, and help you even better work out the muscles of your whole body. If you are thinking about purchasing sports equipment, then the medical ball must be included in the list of planned purchases.

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