Most Common Orthopedic Surgical Treatments

Orthopedic surgery focuses on the musculoskeletal system’s condition. An orthopedic surgeon Plano uses non-surgical and surgical techniques to treat congenital disorders, infections, degenerative diseases, musculoskeletal trauma and spine diseases.


The treatment comprises a minimum invasive surgical process on a joint. A surgeon uses an arthroscope to examine and treat a joint. They make a tiny incision to insert an endoscope. The orthopedist performs the procedures during an ACL reconstruction.

Arthroscopy has the upper hand over traditional surgery. It only requires a small incision. In a knee arthroscopy, the surgeon makes two incisions; one for an arthroscope and the other one for various surgical instruments. It minimizes a patient’s recovery time. Besides, it increases the surgery’s success rate as it reduces the connective tissues trauma.

In the recent past, arthroscopy has rapidly gained popularity due to its minimal scarring. A specialist makes a surgical gap by distending a joint through an irrigation fluid. A surgeon uses small surgical instruments. They view the joint through a video monitor that enables them to diagnose and mend joint tissue. Moreover, they can perform arthroscopic examinations on any joint. However, it’s mostly used in the ankle, elbow, foot, hip, knee, shoulder and wrist surgeries.

What are the different Arthroscopy Surgery Options?

  • Knee arthroscopy: It is a standard orthopedic procedure that has replaced arthrotomy. Over two million procedures are performed each year globally. It treats anterior cruciate ligament and meniscus injury. During the process, a surgeon inserts a fiber-optic camera inside a joint through an incision.
  • Hip arthroscopy: It was initially applied in diagnosing uncertain hip pain. However, it’s currently used to treat internal and external hip joint complications. It’s mainly used to treat femoral acetabular impingement (FAI), labral tears, hip infection, biopsy, chondral lesions and trochanteric pain syndrome.
  • Shoulder arthroscopy: The procedure treats various shoulder complications such as frozen shoulder, chronic tendonitis, SLAP lesions and rotator cuff tears. The orthopedic surgeon Plano performs the surgery by making big incisions to open up a joint.


The surgical procedure involves realigning, remodeling or replacing a musculoskeletal joint’s reticular surface. It aids in relieving pain and restoring the joint’s function after it is a trauma or arthritis injury.

What Are The Different Types of Arthroplasty Surgeries?

  • Joint replacement: It efficiently replaces arthritic and necrotic joints with a prosthesis. The procedure relieves pain, improves a patient’s walking ability and restores their motion range.
  • Excisional Arthroplasty: An orthopedic surgeon removes the bone or the joint surface. They either attach the remaining parts or allow the scar tissue to fill the space.

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