Meeting a social security disability lawyer: Ask these questions

If you want to file a claim to get the benefits Social Security Disability Insurance because of your physical disability, the first step would be to consult a lawyer. To be fair, social security is a complex system, and sometimes, claims are denied for reasons that are not easy to understand. Also, many people end up submitting too much information about their medical condition, or too little information supporting their claim. Working with an experienced Tucson social security disability lawyer can help your case, and here’s what you need to ask when you meet a lawyer for the first time. 

  1. ‘How long have you been a social security disability lawyer?’

This is among the basic questions that one needs to ask. Just because someone helped with a real estate closing or drafted your divorce papers doesn’t make them a great lawyer for everything else. When it comes to something as complex as social security. You need an attorney that you can trust with experience and expertise. Make sure that your social security disability lawyer has worked with clients for at least five years. 

  1. How do you charge?

Many people want to avoid legal representation because they are scared of the costs, especially at a time when their income is non-existent. The good news is SSA caps the amount that a lawyer can charge from a client, which is 25% of the due SSD benefits. In any case, your attorney cannot charge more than $6,000, even if their 25% share of the benefits is higher than that. Some attorneys may take the money directly from SSA, which is again an advantage. 

  1. Are you familiar with similar cases?

That’s another aspect worth discussing, because some medical conditions are more likely to fit into the standard norm of disability, but others may vary. You need a Social Security Disability lawyer, who knows your condition and has worked with clients with similar claims as yours. If your injury or condition is such that it may not be accepted right away, your lawyer will have to work extensively on the case, trying to gather medical evidence and talking to doctors. Ensure that your lawyer knows your situation and what you are going through. 

Check online now to find more on top-rated Social Security Disability lawyers in your area and meet them in person, so as to discuss your claim better and also consider all aspects that may impact your benefits. 

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