Lonestar Bariatric, For Easy and Effective Weight Loss Solutions

It is crazy how you can add a lot of weight very fast and so easy, but when it comes to losing it, it is never that simple. Especially when there is a need to lose weight for health purposes, you will do any form of exercising and dieting. Unfortunately, sometimes even with all that, some body parts are resistant in letting that body fat go. LoneStar Bariatric is a health clinic that provides safe and efficient surgical weight loss services to men and women located in Plano, TX, and Waxahachie, TX. The Plano gastric sleeve specialist, Dr. Chad Carlton, is a qualified bariatric surgeon that helps people lose a significant amount of weight through gastric sleeve surgery.

The LoneStar Bariatric team, with the leadership of Chad Carlton, MD, FACS, FASBMS, offers specialized care and solutions to people who want to lose weight through dieting programs and weight-loss surgeries. They are experienced and highly skilled, and they use the most advanced equipment to ensure their patients get to experience their warm, classic services. They have a weight management plan that includes nutritional counseling by a qualified nutritionist Alison Rezentes, MS, FD/LD, who educates patients about healthy eating and its effect on your weight loss. Their services focus on ensuring the patients succeed with their weight loss goals.

They help people of all kinds, from those that are obese to those who have diabetes. They also provide personalized care to people who are adding weight after bariatric surgery and those that have developed complications after surgery. The team at LoneStar Bariatric is understanding and treats all patients with respect. They provide patients with all the information they need to help them decide on the surgery options that are appropriate and comfortable to them. They are friendly and offer compassionate care to the patients, making them feel like family. Some of the services they offer include:


You can lose unwanted body fat and tighten your skin to get the body shape you desire without going through major surgery. At LoneStar Bariatric, Dr. Carlton, a Bodytite specialist, offers minimally invasive BodyTite treatments to help with your weight loss. Visit their offices today or call them to learn more about BodyTite.

Duodenal switch

It is the most difficult bariatric surgery but with the most effective results. Dr. Chad, a qualified surgeon, offers various weight loss surgeries, including a duodenal switch. Call them today or book an appointment online to schedule your consultation.


Many factors can cause diabetes; being obese is one of them. Bariatric surgery can help improve your condition and even eliminate it. Visit LoneStar Bariatric today to learn more about weight-loss surgeries.

Weight loss does not have to be hard anymore. If you are struggling to lose weight, LoneStar Bariatric has a solution for you. With their advanced and personalized treatment and surgery options, you can safely and effectively achieve your weight loss goal. Dr. Carlton understands every patient’s need and focuses on providing the most effective and advanced treatment solutions. Their team is welcoming, showing care and empathy to the patients, thus developing a good relationship. Look no further for weight loss solutions. Visit LoneStar Bariatric today to get to your desired weight through safe, qualified, and proven treatment options.

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