Least Known Facts about Compression Socks and Devices

Graduated compression stockings and socks treat leg swelling, promote healthy circulation, control venous deficiency symptoms, and varicose veins.In Rockledge, compression socks & devices can be explained by the vein specialists at Vascular Vein Centers. You can trust the practice for severe pain in your hands and legs.

What are Compressional Devices and Socks?

Your team at Vascular Vein Centers offers medical-grade graduated care through compressional socks and stockings, Velcro compression wraps, and other devices used to treat vein complications and to facilitate putting on and taking off compression stockings and socks.

Velcro Compression Stockings

Graduated compression stockings are designed to deliver medical-grade graduated compression stockings and socks. A Velcro compression wrap and device facilitates treatment of conditions affecting your veins. 

About Velcro Compression Wraps

A Velcro compression wrap is best for significant swelling involving the top of your foot. If you have advanced skin changes around the ankle and the top of your foot, getting a wrap on is easier than stockings.

If you have hand arthritis, back issues, or obesity, Velcro compression wraps make your recovery much simpler than the compressional stockings. The Vascular Vein Centers involve you to facilitate the application of compressional wraps in a perfect fit.

About Graduated Compression Stockings

Graduated compression stockings ensure that you have the best pressure at your ankle to support swelling at the top of your foot. If you have ulcers in the ankle area or advanced skin changes, you can get a stocking with more compression and comfort.

Medical compression stockings deliver adequate support for weak veined walls to aid in pumping blood flowing to your heart and legs in a safe proportion to avoid swelling in your lower leg.

When to Wear Compression?

You should wear compression items if you’re to be on your feet for a long duration, for example in jobs like chefs, beauticians, medical providers, and teachers. If you are prone to swelling, you can wear compression when traveling.

Compression doesn’t prevent spider and varicose veins but plays an essential role in shaping its progression. After laser or sclerotherapy, compression is completed to decrease chances of new varicosities over time.

How Do Compression Stockings Work?

Graduated compression stockings squeeze your legs, decrease the diameter of varicose veins, support calf pumps, and prevent pooling of blood and swelling at the ankle level.

How Can I Wear Compression Socks Best?

Wearing your compression stockings requires a little bit of expertise and a combination of techniques targeting the best method for your needs. You may consult the Application and Removal of Compression section in Patient Resources for all questions about wearing compression stockings or taking them off.

In case arthritis or hand strength affect how you put on the stockings, contact Vascular Vein Centers to learn various techniques for easier wearing or taking off your compression stockings.

Wrap Up

You can call Vascular Vein Centers or visit the website to book an appointment online today. Call the practice or make a personal visit to learn of techniques and options for donning or taking off compression stocking and socks.

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