Knowing What to Expect During Your Two Visits for Crowns

If you are looking for cosmetic dentistry in Greenpoint Brooklyn, NY, you will be pleased to know that the Brooklyn City Dental team will be ready to serve you according to your needs. A typical crown procedure usually takes two visits. The first visit is to assess and prepare your tooth that is receiving the crown. Your first visit also entails creating an impression to allow crowning to take place smoothly. The second visit is all about placing the permanent crown on your teeth. Here is what you can expect from your two visits.

What to expect during the first visit

Once you check into the clinic for your first visit, your dentist will perform exams using x-rays to determine if the roots of your tooth can accommodate the designated crown. If the target site is affected by tooth decay or plaque, your dentist may need to perform root canal treatment. The primary goal of treating your root canal is to prevent future infections once they place the crown.

Before your dentist customizes your crown, they will numb your root canal using local anesthesia. After that, they will file the tooth that is receiving the crown. The filing process depends on the type of crown. Once your tooth is ready for crowning, your dentist will apply a paste to create an impression above and below the tooth. They do so to prevent the crown from affecting the quality of your bite.

Finally, your dentist will take the crown impression to the lab for customization. Temporary crowns consist of acrylic and temporary cement. You can expect your dentist to call you for the second visit after two to three weeks.

What to expect during your second visit

Once the dental lab technician has customized your crown, your dentist will place it over your tooth. If you had a temporary crown before, your dentist would remove it to pave the way for the newly-created crown. It is crucial to check if the crown is designed and customized correctly. The crown’s color and size should match the surrounding teeth before a dentist places it over your tooth. If they do not match, making minor adjustments to the crown’s shape will be necessary.

While crowns require two visits, some dental clinics provide same-day crown placement for patients who do not have complicated dental issues. The only difference between same-day procedures and the two-visit arrangements is the duration.

Visit a dentist for crown placement today

A crown can only benefit you when a professional does it. If it does not suit the shape of your neighboring teeth, making minor adjustments will be necessary. Always ensure you do a background check on your dentist’s profile before booking your appointment. Ask for referrals to help find a skilled and experienced dentist. Once you find the right dentist, ensure you honor your appointments to get the best patient experience. To find out if you qualify for crown placement, schedule an online consultation with your dentist today.

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