Jeep Lift Kits: Understanding The Altered Suspension System

The decision to lift a jeep or adding suspension to a jeep is a crucial one as the most important part of the decision, namely the choice of the lift kit is a matter of concern. A very crucial fact to understand is that lift kits do not have a standard make and adding a lift to a solid axle jeep requires knowledge of the jeep suspension system which is way different from a regular vehicle having a front suspension. Jeep lift kits will help add a suspension lift, however, will change the way the original suspension was designed to work. In case of solid axle vehicles such as jeeps, the decision to alter the suspension will eventually lead to addressing of the working functionalities of various other parts like the lengths of the control arm, alignment specs, and lengths of track bar, caster angles, shock length, drive shaft angles, pinion angles, steering system and the roll centre. The selection of the lift kit is key as most of the pocket friendly products sold by many dealers overlook the need to mention that these issues need to be addressed regarding the alteration of the functional geometry of the vehicle operation. Some less reputable products from off-road shops may even be inadequate and of low quality. The selection of the product must also depend on whether the jeep is for daily driving needs or is more of a weekend off road vehicle.

Some vehicle owners do not visualize their jeeps as a daily use vehicle and wish to convert it into an off road activity vehicle. In that case certain high speed delivering qualities of the vehicle needs to be sacrificed for better suspension delivery offered by jeep lift kits.

Some major pros are:

  • Most products can help retain the original ride feel.
  • Not very expensive
  • Installation is simple.
  • Tyres can be run as high as 35 inches with trimming of fenders or flat fender installation.

Some major cons are:

  • Lift kits with low quality parts can compromise the quality of ride.
  • Heavy bumper and winches results in reducing lift height.
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