How To Use Sirius XM Radio in The Car

Setting up Sirius XM in the car is quick and simple if you follow the instructions precisely. You will need your Radio ID, your Sirius XM Username and password, and a radio signal.

Radio ID

Each Sirius XM radio has its own ID, which can be found on most devices by tuning to channel 0. If it’s not displayed, you can also find it using the menu function and looking under advanced settings.

Username & Password

Your username is included in your welcome kit, and you can receive both your username and password from the Sirius XM website at For trial subscriptions included with new cars, you don’t need your username and password, just your Radio ID and zip code.

Radio Signal

You will need to receive a radio signal to activate your device. Have your radio ID with you and turn on your radio. With the antenna facing the sky, tune to channel 184 for Sirius radios or channel one on an XM radio. Make sure your antenna has a clear line of sight to the sky and click the “send activation signal” button on the Sirius XM activation page at If your device hasn’t activated within 15 minutes, you can send another activation signal. You can also visit to set up an activation signal for a specific time or call the automated activation hotline at 1-866-635-8634.

There are 151 channels on Sirius XM, not including live sports channels. One of the benefits of Sirius XM over traditional radio is stations designed around specific subgenres that play songs rarely heard on FM radio. For further assistance about Sirius, you can contact customer service via the live chat or call them at 1-866-635-5027. Enjoy your service and make sure to check out all the unique channels Sirius XM has to offer!

History about Sirius XM

In general terms, this has been the trend in the direct broadcasting of satellite radio worldwide, with one important exception, if we consider the territorial extension, the target audience, and the number of listeners: SiriusXM, which operates in the United States and Canada. This station, based in New York, was born from the merger of two other similar stations that today make up its name: Sirius and XM.

In 1992, both obtained permission from the US FCC to broadcast on the S-band. Years later, Sirius acquired XM, and the merger was approved by the FCC in 2008. Currently, most of its capital is controlled by Liberty Media Corporation.

It has been adding listeners through its nine satellites in the twenty-five years that it has been in operation until it reaches an audience of more than 31 million followers, despite the fact that its model is pay-per-view. However, with quite reasonable monthly subscriptions, ranging from the simplest of 11 dollars to the most complete of 22 dollars. The result is an annual cash flow of over a billion dollars. SiriusXM is a multi-billion dollar company, and its shareholders include investor Warren Buffet.

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