How to Make a CV Effectively?

Your curriculum vitae is the cornerstone of your job application. So do not take it lightly because it is the element that will arouse the interest of the recruiter. It is above all the document that will define your professional project. Consistency is therefore the most important point if you want to make it successful.

The CV Presentation

If each CV must be different in its presentation or its content, there are some rules to be respected by any job seeker. Clarity and a sense of synthesis are the key words. Avoid too much details, each word must be informative for the headhunter. It is crucial to give precise information so that they have a quick idea of your career and profile. Also know that the slightest spelling mistake is prohibitive. As far as the form is concerned, it must be attractive and sober at the same time. For your convenience, use a quality online CV maker.

The Training Section of the CV

If you are a young graduate or have just a little experience in the job market, it is preferable to put this section first because it is certainly your main asset. Your training must appear anti-chronologically (reverse chronological structure). In other words, the last diploma must appear first. You must show the exact title of your diploma, your options and specializations, the date of obtaining it, the name of the college and the city. For the academic career, it is not necessary to show the intermediate degrees because they are already obvious.

The Professional Experience Section

In the professional experience part of the resume, it is important to include the dates for each position held, the job title, the name of the company as well as a quick definition of the job and your missions. You can also indicate the level of responsibility. If possible, do not hesitate to highlight the results obtained when they are concrete and quantifiable. Note that internships and summer jobs are professional experiences, they must appear in this section if they are related to the position sought.

Extra-Professional Activities

They will not make big difference at the time of the screening but they allow to clarify your profile. Only indicate in this section the activities that you practice regularly and that you can talk about in an interview. The use of acronyms should be avoided unless you explain them. Remember that the first people to see your CV are often from the Human Resources department and they may not know the acronyms of your industry.

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