How to Choose a Plastic Surgeon

Woodbury is a small neighborhood in New York with surprisingly incredible plastic surgeons. Dr. John Layliev in Woodbury is one of the best of them. It can be very difficult to choose a plastic surgeon especially when you have so many options, which leads to the question, ‘how do you choose a plastic surgeon?’

The following are the factors you should consider when choosing a plastic surgeon:

1.  Results

When it comes to cosmetic surgery, nothing matters as much as the results of the procedure. Luckily, the faces of the patients say it all. Therefore, when choosing a plastic surgeon, you should check as many of their past surgeries as possible. You want a surgeon with consistently exceptional results but they do not have to be perfect.

Don’t take the doctor’s word for it but instead, look at as many pictures and videos and former patients as possible. You should especially look for patients who have undergone the same procedure you want to have done.

2.  Experience

Though there are differences in talent as far as surgeons are concerned, the only way to become better at plastic surgery is experience. Therefore, you want a surgeon who has as much experience as possible.

Generally speaking, the more experience a plastic surgeon, the better the results of their procedures. However, that is not to say that an inexperienced surgeon cannot produce outstanding results. You should especially look for a plastic surgeon with a lot of experience in the procedure you want. Many plastic surgeons focus on certain procedures and their reputation will precede them.

3.  Board Certification

It is crucial that you ensure the plastic surgeon you choose has the right credentials. As you probably know, plastic surgery procedures do not always have successful results. Therefore, in the case of medical malpractice, you will need a board to enforce your claim. Medical malpractice is one of the leading causes of death in the field of medicine.

On the other hand, you should select a doctor with the least cases of malpractice so that you reduce the chances of having to bring a case against them. Board certification means that the plastic surgeon has all the necessary education and training, as well as the documents, to support it. It also means that he or she is held to a high professional standard by a board of his or her peers.

4.  How the Surgeon and Staff Make You Feel

Even in the medical field where expertise and results are vital, the human connection is still paramount. Therefore, you should seriously consider how the plastic surgeon and his staff treat patients.

Every surgery carries some risk and cosmetic surgery has the risk of significantly changing your appearance. If you do not feel comfortable around your surgeon, there is no way you will be able to successfully communicate your needs.

Talk to as many staff in the clinic and examine their communication skills, empathy, and compassion. No matter how technically difficult a procedure is or how excellent the plastic surgeon is, human interaction is still the key to a good experience.

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