How to Become an Online Tutor and Start Tutoring?

Following are standard process of becoming an online tutor. This may vary with some companies, but most of the companies follow this process:

  • Register yourself: For becoming a member of a company you must register yourself as an online tutor in that company. You will be asked to fill an online form which will ask you about your credentials, basic bio information, tutoring preferences, profile picture, etc. Some companies will also ask you for your education certification and your ID card.
  • Verification: In sometimes you will get a reply from the company if they have selected or rejected you. This process may take a few days. Some companies will also check on your criminal record as well. After this process is fully completed, your profile will be displayed for public view for students and parents.
  • Online collaboration tools: The support team of the company will make you walk through the platform of how to work in it. This is done because most of the new tutors don’t have any experience online, so by this process they start knowing the whole platform of teaching online. Tutors online who are going to handle math and science are advised to keep a digital writing pad and pen with them which will make their student understand better.
  • Start Tutoring: Depending on the deal you made with the company, you will start earning with the company.

If you are confident enough, you can also start tutoring business yourself and start to earn money tutoring students online. This is a great way too because whatever you will earn you will earn for yourself, you don’t have to share your earning with anyone. The only problem is that the marketing, a company has enough resources to market for their product, but when you market of your own, will take some hardship.

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