How Preventive Dentistry Can Keep Your Teeth Healthy

Preventive dentistry is comprehensive dental care encompassing many treatments and procedures designed to maintain your mouth’s overall health and wellness. Many dental complications do not happen instantaneously but occur after many years of improper oral care and negligence.

According to the SPA Dental Group team of dental specialists, emphasizing preventive care is the way to maintain a healthy smile and avoid more in-depth treatments down the road. Here is how preventive dentistry can keep your teeth healthy and help you achieve such an objective.

Cavity Prevention

Note that no matter all the efforts you put into brushing and flossing your teeth daily, some of your mouth’s nooks and crannies are hard to reach on your own. However, if you would have regular visits to your dentist, you can get professional cleaning that eliminates any plaque or tartar buildup in your teeth. Remember that the plaque and tartar are responsible for eating up your teeth to develop painful cavities. Your dentist can also apply fluoride treatments and dental sealants to protect your teeth from cavities further.

Gum Disease Prevention

Plaque and tartar buildup are also responsible for gum disease development. If you don’t see your dentist regularly, they will build up on your teeth, and you can suffer conditions such as periodontitis and gingivitis. Furthermore, the sooner any of these conditions are diagnosed, the more it can be managed by eliminating the irritation. This leaves your gums in a healthy state.

Bad Breath Eliminations

This is an awful condition that you may not be able to control through your regular brushing and flossing, especially if it results from an infection or decay. The only way you improve this is by having regular visits to your dentist, who can offer you professional dental cleanings, which effectively manages this condition. Only your dentist can identify an infection or decay and offer the necessary treatments before it is too late.

Jaw Problems are Caught Early

You won’t know you have certain jaw problems such as temporomandibular joint (TMJ) disorder or bruxism unless your dentist examines you. If this happens late, more intense treatment options can be recommended, which would have been easier if caught early. Therefore, you need preventive care as your dentist knows the signs of these conditions when they appear and can make special appliances to reduce the severity.

Prevents Injuries

If you seek preventive dentistry, your dentist can recommend certain protective measures for different instances to protect your teeth. This is because they will have the information before a certain activity with high risks of injuries happens. For example, if you participate in sporting activities, your dentist can recommend a mouth guard to keep your teeth safe through your favorite activity. This is cheaper than trying to repair or replace the teeth after you get an injury.

Additional Point

As much as preventive dentistry keeps your teeth healthy and maintains your mouth’s overall well-being, your smile’s appearance gets improved. Your healthy teeth give you a bright, attractive smile.

You don’t have to invest in so many dental problems treatment options when you can focus on preventive dentistry and avoid those treatments. In addition to your at-home care for your teeth, you can include preventive dentistry and enjoy healthy teeth and optimal oral health.

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