Grown-up Cardiology Consultation

There’s no one-size-fits-all strategy for overseeing heart and vascular conditions. Dr. Syed W. Bokhari at Advanced Cardiovascular Care is known for his adult cardiology care in Riverside, California. He warmly invites you and your family to talk with a board-confirmed doctor who can decide the best way to deal with treatment for you.

Current innovation gives far more data to the patients and their suppliers concerning their medical issues alongside all the therapy alternatives, whether traditionalist, careful, or insignificantly obtrusive. There is no “one size fits all” in treating heart and vascular conditions.

We offer you and your family to counsel our board affirmed master to choose what approach might be the best for you. We are glad to furnish you with a subsequent feeling and work intimately with your doctor to detail a consideration plan that works for you. The significant danger factors for heart and vascular illness are progressed age, family background of untimely coronary illness.

Cardiology conference

Dr. Bokhari goes over your own and family well-being history and momentum clinical necessities, responds to any inquiries you may have, and suggests any tests that might help decide your risk factors for heart-related infection.

Advisable cardiovascular screenings 

Getting normal screenings can support Dr. Bokhari, analyze cardiovascular conditions or danger factors before they become serious, uncover any requirement for treatment, and assist you with remaining on a general heart-sound way.

Fundamental screenings include:

Circulatory strain

 Blood pressure screens can help identify hypertension, which is typically asymptomatic, yet enormously expands your danger for coronary illness and stroke. If your circulatory strain falls under 120/80 mmHg, a test at any rate once at regular intervals from age 20 is significant. More severe hypertension may require more continuous testing, just as a way of life changes and drugs.


From age 45 on, have your glucose checked at regular intervals or more. High glucose raises your danger for insulin opposition, prediabetes, and type 2 diabetes. Whenever left untreated, diabetes can prompt genuine complexities, including coronary illness.

Cholesterol and fatty oils

Beginning at age 20, expect to have your fasting lipoprotein profile — which evaluates your cholesterol and fatty oil levels — each 4-6 years. More regular testing might be suggested if you have hazard factors for coronary illness or stroke.

Way of life

While it is anything but a test for each state, talking about your way of life at cardiovascular and yearly tests is significant. Stopping smoking, eating a solid eating routine, and remaining truly dynamic ensures against cardiovascular illness. On the off chance that you don’t know what changes to make or battle to look after them, examine your propensities and worries with Dr. Bokhari.

What cardiology tests and medicines do you give?

Advanced Cardiovascular Care offers an assortment of cardiological tests and systems, including aortic aneurysm fix, cardioversion, heart catheterization, percutaneous coronary mediation, carotid angiography and stenting, echocardiography, mumble investigation, noninvasive vascular imaging pacemaker, ICD implantation, fringe vascular angiography, mediation, fringe vascular illness heavenly body preoperative heart leeway, preoperative heart leeway, varicose vein expulsion, and stress tests.

Call us today to make a meeting with a fourfold board ensured specialist in insignificantly invasive treatments.

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