Functions of surgical masks

The proper understanding of the functions of the surgical mask is important as it is to be clear among the people that how they can help you fight against diseases and some other problems. The people using it should know how to use it and how it works while protecting against the diseases and also the things that can harm the health of the person.

The surgical masks are not only used by the people who are fit and need protection from others but also used by those who are suffering from the disease so that they do not spread it in the atmosphere and that can be carried forward affecting other people.

The working of the surgical masks starts when they are used. They are loosely fitted masks and specially designed in such a way that the masks can be used as a physical barrier between the mouth and the nose. This barrier helps the wearer from the contaminated environment and the particles that cause harmful diseases.

The most important part about these masks is that they need to be worn properly because if they are worn in a specified manner then they protect the person from the bigger particles which contain bacteria and viruses. These particles if entered in the body then can make you feel sick and affect the body in a very adverse manner leading to death too. These masks also help in blocking the water droplets, splatter, splashes and sprays of the other person to enter in the mouth or nose of the wearer.

The surgical masks help in preventing the splitting of saliva from the mouth and some respiratory secretions also, which can contain some bacteria which can infect the other person also. They also protect the mouth and nose from the touch of hands which can contain bacteria or viruses which came on the hand by touching the contaminated surface. They are a very useful type of masks and are one-time usage masks and cannot be reused as there do not have the capability of removing the germs and then work with the same efficiency.


The use of surgical masks is suspected in the case of COVID-19 as they do not stop the small particles which are emitted out by the mouth, nose on sneezing or coughing, and sometimes even in the case of medical treatment. These masks also lack in providing protection against small germs as they have space between the mask and the mouth which helps the germs to enter with the help of air.

It is observed that COVID-19 spreads on sneezing on the face of another person, which clearly depicts that they have smaller bacteria that promotes this disease. These are major reasons why it is advised that people should avoid using such masks in the fight against COVID-19 but people are using it because there is a high shortage of masks in the world as every country is facing this pandemic.


People should understand the functionality of these masks before using them.

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