Freedom Orthodontics, Let Your Smile Set You Free

Having mispositioned teeth and jaws and misaligned bite patterns does not mean you cannot smile again. Freedom Orthodontics in Cedar Park, Texas, led by Dr. Brendan Smith DDS, MS, is committed to giving you the freedom to smile, hence its name: Freedom Orthodontics. Dr. Smith is a board-certified orthodontist experienced in all braces and Invisalign fields, and he is passionate about giving patients the freedom to smile. At Freedom Orthodontics, Cedar Park adult braces specialists offer high-quality services to help patients get straighter and healthier smiles. They make it possible for adults that never had orthodontic treatment as children to have it now.

Freedom orthodontics ensures that it provides the highest quality care and manages the patient’s care from start to finish without the corporate pressure of cutting costs. Dr. Smith puts the patients’ welfare and needs first, ensuring each patient gets the same detail and respect regardless of their background or situation. He loves to see the impact a smile has on his patients, where he believes that a confident smile has a significant role to play in someone’s self-esteem and personality. Thus, he believes in ‘letting your smile set you free.’

The services that they offer include:


They are the most popular orthodontic treatment and are proven and effective in straightening your smile. Braces involve using fixed oral appliance brackets, bands, and archwire. The orthodontist specialist Dr. Smith uses innovative equipment and advanced treatment methods to ensure you get significant and exceptional service. Call them today to learn more about braces and get any questions answered.


They maintain the results of your orthodontic treatment; they ensure your smile stays perfect. At Freedom Orthodontics, they provide the best quality retainers and the needed care to maintain a healthy smile.


It is a new orthodontic treatment that uses clear aligners to straighten your teeth. It’s used to treat misaligned teeth, crowded teeth, and crossbites. It’s an easy and convenient method for restoring and improving your smile. Dr. Smith has helped many people improve their smiles using this treatment. For more information, call the office today.

Children Orthodontics

It is essential for orthodontic treatment on children to be done while still young because they are still growing. At Freedom Orthodontics, they provide the best children orthodontic treatment to ensure a healthy and a permanent smile on your child’s face. Call them today to book an appointment.

Surgical Orthodontics

Where you may have a severe orthodontic condition, surgery may be necessary to help you recover. Dr. Smith is a specialized and experienced orthodontist and offers high skilled orthodontic surgery at your convenient clinic, Freedom Orthodontics in Cedar Park, Texas. Call them today to understand the benefits of surgical orthodontics.

Digital Impressions

They help plan for orthodontic treatments. They are comfortable and provide great experiences. Freedom Orthodontics is dedicated to giving you the best treatment using advanced technological equipment for better digital impressions, giving you a healthy, beautiful smile.

They accept insurance as payment; call their office today to learn more about payment options.

Your appearance and smile are vital as you are. Call Freedom Orthodontics to schedule your consultation appointment, or book an appointment online today for a healthy and confident smile.


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