Four Ways Your Finances Can Have a Negative Effect on Your Health

Finances can be stressful. Whether you ask family to send you money with Remitly because you don’t have enough or you’re stuck figuring out which bills to pay at the end of the month, it’s easy to see why money can cause so much stress.

Unfortunately, money troubles don’t start and end with a little added stress to your life. Prolonged money problems can cause some surprising, but very real, health problems.

Depression and Anxiety

The most obvious way money problems can have a long-term effect on your health is by causing depression and anxiety. That can also include some very real symptoms like heart palpitations in the case of anxiety and feelings of hopelessness in the case of depression.

If caught early, money depression and anxiety can be reversed fairly quickly. A few ideas include:

  • Making a plan will help you feel more confident about the future
  • Seeking help from a professional can help you uncover money management techniques
  • Forcing yourself to have a different attitude can help you feel better about money
  • Volunteering can make you feel good about helping someone else
  • Doing something creative can boost your mood

Sleep Disorders

Money problems can greatly disturb your sleep, which is likely to be irritating at first, but it can have some lasting health consequences. Not only might your job performance suffer, which could lead to being let go, but it can also cause high blood pressure, which in turn can lead to stroke.

Sleep troubles can be exacerbated because those suffering from money woes may try and distract themselves by browsing the internet or watching TV late into the night. All that blue light can actually make it even more difficult to fall asleep.

Try and stick to a sleep schedule the best you can, and if you can’t fall asleep, read a book or write instead of turning to the internet.

Gastrointestinal Disorders

There is a surprisingly strong connection between your brain and your gut. If your brain isn’t right because you’re worrying about money all the time, it’s going to end up affecting your stomach. That might mean more tummy aches or more trips to the bathroom.

In order to get rid of this problem, you have to address the cause. Eliminate the stress you feel about your money situation and your gastrointestinal issues are likely to disappear.

Heart Disease

One of the most serious health problems associated with money problems is heart disease. Dealing with money woes for a long period of time is very hard on your heart, especially if the stress is accompanied by tense feelings or anger. Surprisingly, finding ways to deal with the stress is more effective at decreasing the chances of heart disease than getting your hands on more money.

Financial problems can make you worry about keeping the lights on or maintaining your quality of life, but you’ve got much more to worry about. Gain control of your money and stress levels and you can avoid the health problems on this list.

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