Four ways to save cost on kitchen cabinets

Purchasing cabinets on a predetermined budget? Buying prefabricated or factory made cupboard over custom is a good choice.  At times, it is all about the number of drawers or wood species you include in the design. You need not give up on decorative details to stay in budget. Here is the list of some cost saving ideas for purchasing kitchen cupboards.

Comparing door styles

Measure the available space in the kitchen to get an idea on the layout. Once you’ve decided on what kind of cabinets you need and how many number of doors you require, you should keep at least two or more options of door style in mind. Do not go directly on what you see first, as your goal here is to save money. Compare the door styles to determine their cost.

The slab door front types are considered as less costly and can be an ideal fit for house owners, who are looking for more economical options. Inset door or raised panel styles tend to cost more, while shaker-style cost less. Do take note that you need to look in different brands, as the cupboard price varies from one manufacturer to another.

Any of these types suit contemporary or modern kitchen layouts. Door styles actually make a drastic difference in the cost of the kitchen cabinets.

Opt for open shelving

If cutting cost is your main motto, you can consider open shelving instead of wall cabinets. You should also keep in mind that these wall cabinets often give rich, contemporary look. The open shelves are considered to be conventional solution; they eat up lot of storage space as well they require more maintenance. But, they can do wonders for your budget plan.  If you are looking for purely functional shelf option not a modern take, then only go for it.

Selecting inexpensive wooden species

Choosing the right wood species can always help you in saving money from your total estimation. For example, oak is considered as most affordable choice, while hickory is an upgrade version of oak. Some other materials, such as maple can hike up the cost in a larger amount. Though many folks tend towards cherry, it’s usually highly priced.

Have a conversation with your local carpenters or cabinet makers about the reasonably priced species. You need to do lot of window shopping if you are trying to save money.

Considering laminate plywood finish

You need not choose all-plywood material; laminate and thermo-foil are best budget friendly solutions. Laminate plywood is less pricey, though not that strong as wood and is more prone to moisture as well. Thermo-foil is a plastic like finish applied on fibreboard or engineered wood cores. It is easy to clean, durable and less expensive than pure wood. You can also consider soft wood, such as pine material as well.

You can utilize these extra savings from thermo-foil or laminate plywood on other details, such as corbels, crown moulding, cabinetry, and fashionable door styles. Hold on to more dough with the above price saving tactics, without sacrificing style elements.

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