Four Ways Cartoons May Actually Be Good for Your Mental Health

Cartoons get a bad rap, especially from older adults who didn’t grow up with them like younger generations. It’s true that they can encourage young people to spend more time inside watching TV than playing outside or doing something productive, but cartoons can actually be good for your mental health.

Many marketing firms know this. That’s why animated videos are becoming a popular way for businesses to market their company!

Here are four ways cartoons may actually be good for your mental health, regardless of your age.

They Provide an Escape from Adult Life

Cartoons can be powerful, especially for those suffering from anxiety and depression. As part of a larger treatment plan, cartoons can actually reduce mental health symptoms.

Most cartoons are highly optimistic, which is a great emotion for depressed or anxious people to experience. They provide a way for people to escape from their everyday lives and engross themselves in the lives of fictional characters that often find the humor in even the most challenging situations.

The end result is that adults who watch cartoons can experience a boost in mood even after the cartoon has finished.

They Promote Important Themes

Quality cartoons center their episodes on themes, and some of those themes provide important learning opportunities for children and even adults. Some themes that can be seen in cartoons include:

  • How to deal with sadness
  • How to deal with frustration
  • Working through feelings of worthlessness
  • Solving the problem of loneliness
  • How to deal with conflict

Young children can use what they see in the cartoon to inform how they approach these themes in their own life, but the benefit isn’t relegated to children. Cartoons can also show adults that they aren’t alone in experiencing emotions like sadness or loneliness.

They Can Teach You Something

The type of cartoon you watch matters. There is no shortage of cartoons that are created for pure entertainment, but there are plenty that are created with education in mind as well.

There are many cartoons for kids that can teach them everything from parts of the human body to how to build friendships.

Cartoons can even be used to help adults learn something. Businesses sometimes use cartoons to show customers and clients exactly what they do. Even adult shows, like the reboot of Cosmos with Neil deGrasse Tyson, use cartoons to illustrate some of their points.

They Can Help You Create and Maintain Connections

Connecting with kids, especially as they get older, can be hard. Cartoons can be an easy way to share a commonality with your pre-teen or teenager. Many families schedule time in their hectic lives to sit down and watch the latest episode of their favorite cartoon.

It turns out, cartoons are more worthwhile than we ever though when that first cartoon surfaced on TV all those decades ago. Today, cartoons on TV and in the movies are being enjoyed by people of all ages, and it turns out, it’s partially because they can have a positive impact on our mental health.

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