Four reasons why you should hire Maritime lawyers Seattle  

Maritime cases are complicated. An experienced maritime lawyer in Seattle will help you get the settlement you deserve by ensuring a comprehensive investigation into the main conditions that caused your injury. The admiralty law has a number of standards for proving fault. It might be pure negligence under the Merchant Marine Act of 1920 popularly known as the Jones Act lawsuits or unseaworthiness according to the general maritime law.

As a seaman, you are entitled to maintenance and cure. The party responsible in your case may as well assert defence against the injury case based on Limitation Liability, The Primary Duty Rule or Comparative negligence. Clearly, that means if you don’t have any experience in maritime law, you don’t have a chance of winning a case. Moreover, the situation can get even trickier when suing a business or corporation that has the resources of hiring a team of experienced lawyers to prove that the injury was your fault.


The right place to file your maritime injury claim is in the federal court system. Schechter, McElwee, Shaffer and Harris (SMSH) Jones Act and Maritime lawyers will guide you in every step of the way because they are familiar with the maritime law and have over 100 years of experience. In fact, the experience is very vital when choosing the right Jones Act and maritime lawyer for your case; an inexperienced attorney may not get the necessary resources and connections to investigate your case extensively and file a credible claim in court.

Get the most out of your compensation

It’s possible to get compensation for injuries, medical bills and damages caused due to sustaining maritime injuries. However, you should ask yourself whether what you’re getting will be enough to console you for your losses. SMSH Jones Act and maritime lawyers Seattle have the reputation of succeeding to recover the largest single Jones Act settlement in the U.S., history that was worth $17.5 million. In addition, we have been able to recover over $720 million for injured maritime workers and other cases of families of injured seamen. In other words, when choosing us our maritime lawyers Seattle, you can rest assured that we will do our level best to ensure you get nothing less than what you deserve.

Representation on a contingency basis

You will pay for our services after the settlement. We don’t like exposing our clients to further trauma of coming up with legal fees after going through a maritime accident. In fact, SMSH is an established firm, and thus we offer interest free loans to help our clients cover their day-to-day expenses as they await the conclusion of their maritime cases.


Our maritime lawyers Seattle are not only experienced but also bar certified personal injury trial lawyers. We also have a team of professional staff that works hand-in-hand with our maritime lawyers Seattle to give you outstanding legal assistance in Houston, TX.

It’s possible to get devastated and overwhelmed in the wake of a severe maritime accident. Medical bills, the agonizing pain and the stress of worrying about your next paycheck can overwhelm any seaman or longshoreman. But, with the help of professional, knowledgeable and experienced Jones Act and maritime lawyers Seattle, you can pull through this disturbing experience. For personal injury claims, consider Dearie Law for your successful litigation process.

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