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Eyes are the most sensitive part of your body and should be handled with a lot of care. Most importantly, you should get checkups once in a while to avoid the consequences that come with skipping eye exams.

If you have eyesight problems get your vision back by visiting Jacksonville glasses, they are the best, and they take your measurement, including corneal curvature and pupil size, to determine your contact lenses need like toric lenses for astigmatism. 

 Eye Treatment

Working on your diet, eating healthy food like green leafy vegetables and food rich in antioxidants and vitamin A are some of the suggested eye cures. However, as much as eating healthy is important, having an eye checkup is the best solution to all your eye problems; hence early treatment to avoid complications such as vision loss.

About Wolchok Eye Associates, VA.

This is a hospital with the best paramedics, improved facilities, trained nurses, and physicians just to take care of your eyes and ensure your eyesight is in good condition.

A slit – lamp exam is the most commonly used to see your eyes every detail during an exam; therefore, no chance of leaving a defect.

When they give you an eye exam they consider factors like:

  •       Personal medical history
  •       Family medical history
  •       Current medical assessment
  •       Response test on your pupil
  •       Peripheral vision test
  •       Ocular motility test of eye movement muscles and alignment among others

With this, they conduct tests that enable a specialized treatment; among them are:

  •       Peripheral vision:  this is a test used to determine whether a patient is in danger of getting glaucoma or any Eye disease.
  •       Pupil retraction:  an evaluation of your pupil to determine its response to bright lights.
  •       Eye movements: they perform this test to find out whether the muscles that help your eyes function are working correctly.
  •       Intraocular eye pressure (IOP):  High IOP can indicate glaucoma; therefore, they perform a test to find out if it’s in good condition.
  •       Inner eye health: this is an examination that usually checks on optic nerves and retina.

Your eyes might need a more advanced test such as optical coherence tomography or fundus photos, especially if you are above 40 or suffering from chronic diseases, all this depending on the situation the physicians find them.

 If, after a depth evaluation Dr. Wolchok and his team determine that contacts and glasses can’t correct your vision problem, then they perform surgery and resolve your eye health issues.

The skilled physicians at Wolchok eye associates have made it their business to make sure you enjoy both good eye health and optimal sight.

They make sure you get glasses that fit your need using a series of contact lenses.

Contact them today and book an appointment for an optimal prescription and get those new glasses to help improve your vision and make your reading and working a lot easier.

Get guaranteed eye care that is available, affordable, and specialized to suit your vision needs today at Wolchok Eye Associates, VA.

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