Everything about Chemicals for Testing the Pool

Every Spa business with a swimming pool always checks the condition of the pool water. This action is important for operators or owners to do because it will directly concern the health of consumers. Water quality needs to be maintained regularly. In fact, this needs to be done many times a day. Clean water problem can be a serious problem for consumers. The business owner can use the chemicals for testing the pool which is freely available on the marketplace.

The pH level of the water should not be acidic, because it can cause corrosion on the stairs going up from the swimming pool. pH changing to acid is common if the owner forgets to check for a long time. Business owners need to check 3 times a week. Apart from pH, there are other chemical levels to check. For example, pH, alkalinity, free chlorine, free bromine, metals, and others. One of the methods most professionals use is a liquid test kit. You can understand chemicals for testing the pool better here.

What is Liquid Test Kit?

The method for testing the compound content in swimming pool water that is widely used by professionals is the Liquid test kit. This method utilizes reagent color to determine the content of compounds present in swimming pool water samples. The results came out more accurate than other methods. Each compound detected will use a different chemical reagent. This difference in reagent makes the results more accurate because it is specific for detecting a compound.

Some call this test method colorimetric testing. Every check with this method there is also a standard reference used by professionals in comparing sample results. Some comparators will represent an increment of 1 ppm and some are more than 1 ppm. It’s just that checking with this method must be careful and should not let the reagent come into contact with the hands.

How to Use a Liquid Test Kit

There are several rules and steps that you need to follow when checking using a liquid test kit. You can see some steps for using a liquid test kit below or read this detailed guide on pool test kits.

  1. Make sure to use clean containers

Clean containers have an important role in checking pool water samples. Unclean containers can affect the results of checking samples. This will influence what actions the pool management operator will take in the business world. Make sure to use a clean container every time you sample your pool water.

  1. Take samples at the right spot

Taking samples is also not allowed in any spot. You will need to collect samples from a place far away from jets and skimmers. Both of these tools can affect the levels of compounds in swimming pool water.

  1. Put the container deep into the swimming pool

Taking the correct swimming pool sample also needs a special depth. You must not take water that is on the surface of the swimming pool. Make sure to take it at a depth until the elbows are submerged in water. Sampling in the inward part of the pool water can better reflect the content of the majority of compounds in the pool.

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