Enhance Your Oral Health with Extraction Specialists in Texas

If you require a tooth extraction procedure, you will want to be certain you are in good and able hands. Dr. Oscar Muniz, DMD, MD, is a highly skilled oral surgeon offering tooth extractions from the convenient office location at Oral Facial Surgery Specialists at the Woodlands, TX. To determine how extraction can help restore your optimal dental health, schedule an appointment with The Woodlands extractions specialist, Dr. Muniz, today, through calling the office or booking online.

What Is An Extraction?

An extraction is the removal of one or several teeth. Even though there are multiple benefits why you should keep your teeth structures naturally intact, there are some situations where it’s recommendable to remove the tooth.

Suppose you need an extraction; Dr. Muniz and his team are board-certified and hold dual-degrees in offering the safest and most effective oral & maxillofacial procedures. The providers at Oral Facial Surgery Specialists at The Woodlands strive to create a state-of-the-art experience for patients seeking tooth extractions. All services are tailored to meet and exceed the unique needs and goals of the patients.

Who Is the Right Candidate for An Extraction?

There are several circumstances where it’s best to get an extraction. Suppose you have a damaged or decayed tooth, which isn’t treatable using alternative methods, it may be more advisable to remove the tooth/teeth and replace them with exceptional dental implants.

Tooth extractions are highly-recommended for removing wisdom teeth. The wisdom teeth are the third set of molars, coming around your late teens or early twenties. With evolution, our jaws have progressively become smaller; hence many people will no longer have enough space in their mouths to accommodate this last set of teeth, which means they’ll be left stuck or impacted under the jawbone or gums.

The impacted wisdom teeth might be quite painful and result in damage or infection of the surrounding teeth. So, the best solution is removing them. 

Another reason for needing extractions is to receive dentures while remaining with several natural teeth in your mouth. Any remaining teeth can be extracted to create space for the dentures.

What to Expect with An Extraction?

The particulars of extraction will vary from one patient to another. Suppose your tooth is exposed, your select provider removes it using a simple extraction. In this procedure, your extraction specialist will use a device known as an elevator to rock your tooth back and forth till it loosens enough. After that, he/she pulls it using a pair of forceps.

For patients whose teeth are stuck underneath the jawbone or gum, your provider will have to recommend surgical extraction. The specialist exposes your teeth during the procedure by making incisions on your jawbone and gums before pulling it out. He may initially section your tooth, in some scenarios, including breaking or cutting it before pulling it.

In conclusion, Oral Facial Surgery Specialists at The Woodlands is a full-scope oral healthcare facility. In addition to the medical spa and minimally-invasive procedures, the providers also offer facial cosmetic surgery. If you need a tooth extraction, for whatever reason, request an appointment with Oral Facial Surgery Specialists at The Woodlands by calling the office or booking online.


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