ELD Price and FMCSA MAP-21 Update

Electronic Logging Device – ELD price points coming down

Manufacturers are moving ELD price points down and making the mandatory vehicle tracking devices much more affordable for every company who owns and operates fleet vehicles. Effective December 18, 2017, the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) requires mandatory use of ELD’s for all drivers required to prepare Hours of Service (HOS) records.

Understanding the demand for such devices, manufacturers are leveraging nanotechnology and advanced manufacturing practices to dramatically lower the ELD price to make them affordable while remaining in full compliance with the new regulations. As a senior manager of a company with over the road or fleet vehicles, you need to fully understand how the new FMCSA regulations effect your business and search for the right device for your needs.

Understanding Updates to FMCSA MAP-21

Also known as the “ELD rule,” regulators say MAP-21 will create a safer work environment and simplify record keeping by automatically synchronizing Record of Duty (RODS) data with hours of service (HOS) recording. The ELD Rule

  • Explains who is expected to comply
  • Allows for self-certification and registration by manufacturers
  • Provides technical specifications
  • Lays out a phased timeline for compliance and implementation by drivers and carriers
  • Specifies how to prevent harassment and tampering
  • Prescribes how data needs to be displayed and transferred

Who Must Comply with the ELD Rule?

If you are operate vehicles in the U.S. and are required to maintain RODS record, then you must comply with the new rulings unless

  • Your drivers use paper logs for fewer than 8 days during any 30-day period,
  • You are classified as a “drive away tow away operator” with the vehicle being transported designated as the commodity, or
  • Your vehicles were manufactured before 2000.

Manufacturer Guidelines and What They Mean to You

Manufacturers are responsible for registering and certifying their ELD’s and are working to make the ELD price as affordable as possible. The registration process began on February 16, 2016 and there are plenty of options now available to operators of all types and sizes.

Note that an ELD has different technical specification from existing AOBRD’s (automatic onboard recording devices) and manufacturers are required to notify owners how existing AOBRD’s may be updated to meet the new regulations. If the FMCSA determines a devices does not meet their specifications, the ELD will be removed from the approved list so work with your manufacturer to be sure all your devices meet FMCSA regulations.

How the Rule is Being Implemented (Phased In)

To make compliance easier for operators, the rule is being phased in over a two year period beginning in 2017 and ending in 2019:

  1. Awareness and Transition – Feb 16, 2016 through Dec 18, 2017, carriers and drivers should work to understand compliance regulations and prepare to comply,
  2. Phased-In Compliance – Dec 18, 2017 through Dec 16, 2019, drivers and carriers may use AOBRDs installed prior to Dec 18, 2017,
  3. Full Compliance – Dec 17, 2019 everyone must use self-certified ELDs.

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