Effective Ways on How to Lose Weight After Menopause

Excess pounds irritate every woman regardless of her age. However, in the teenage years and in the ’20s, it is much easier to lose some weight with the help of diets and sport. Speaking of the advanced years, and menopause period, women state that weight is unbreakable with low-calorie diets and hours spent in the gym. How to lose weight during menopause? Are there working solutions to boost metabolism and build an efficient plan? Check it out.

How to Lose Weight in Menopause?

No need to build a diet for menopause to lose weight without understanding the mechanisms preventing women from the results. So, the full responsibility of such body manifestations lays on hormones. The processes of the synthesis and distribution of fat are slowed down. Adipose tissue does not secrete active substances in charge of full feeling after the meal, and of course, metabolism of glucose and acids is no longer fast. Besides, galanin involved in fat intake is increasing and neuropeptide Y responsible for the desire to eat carbohydrates recedes into the backgrounds. As a result, your question on how to lose weight during menopause can be answered in the next way – You should normalize your hormone levels and only after the progress of weight loss will be activated.

Lose weight after menopause will always proceed painlessly and efficiently if you consult a gynecologist who can exclude the presence of other illnesses affecting your fat gain, and endocrinologist who can check your thyroid that may somehow block the metabolism mechanism.

How to Lose Menopause Weight Fast?

One of the popular ways to affect it is with hormone therapy. Despite the popular myth that it can provoke additional gain, it is efficient in terms of normalizing the whole health condition during the climax. Otherwise, some women may be interested only in how to lose weight after menopause naturally. The success is related to systematic physical activities and protein meal plan. Besides, you should stick to the next recommendations:

  •  Avoid fast food. Or, make it your guilty pleasure but only one time in a month. Your metabolism is now slow, so all burgers won’t succeed in converting into the energy;
  •  Add foods rich in Calcium and Vitamin D. Milk, cheese, yogurt will reduce the risk of osteoporosis, so you will move more;
  •  Choose lean meat. Any menopause diet plan to lose weight will include turkey that is light and nutritious;
  •  Exercise moderately. Swimming and aerobics are the best. Once CrossFit and hard exercise may give additional pressure on bones;
  •  Replace sweets with fruits. How to lose menopause weight without fruits? It is hard to imagine. But, remember to get to know the characteristics of the fruits you consume. Some of them have many fats such as bananas. Prefer pineapples and citruses.

Finally, how to lose weight during menopause without problems to health? Always drink water to be hydrated, organize regular checkups with a doctor, and love yourself. The climax is natural.

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