Effective Birth Control Services in Chesapeake, VA

In the current world, the decision about the size of your family is yours. If you are sexually active, it is essential to avoid unintended pregnancy by using effective birth control. However, most women feel dazed by all the many birth control options out there. The qualified and experienced professionals under Dr. Corney at Women First GYN offer full range Chesapeake birth control options to allow you to plan your family in your way and time. For more information about the best birth control method for you, call or schedule an appointment online today.

Which Type Of Birth Control Options Are Available?

There are many birth control options available for your suitability. Some of the options available at Women First GYN include:

Birth Control Injection

The birth control injection is administered every three months. The injection effectively prevents you from getting pregnant by stopping ovulation.

Vaginal Ring

This birth control option involves wearing a vaginal ring for three weeks, then taking it off for a week to have your period. You will then wear a new ring for the next three weeks. 

Birth Control Patch

Like the vaginal ring, you wear the birth control patch for three weeks with a week off before wearing a new patch.

Birth Control Implant

This is an effective birth control option that keeps you from getting pregnant for up to three years. Dr. Corney is well experienced in placing the implant in your upper arm.

Intrauterine Devices (IUD)

The method involves placing an IUD in your uterus, where it prevents conception in the long term. Hormone IUDs prevent pregnancy for 3 to 5 years, while the copper IUD prevents you from getting pregnant for up to ten years. At Women First GYN, Dr. Corney may also recommend an IUD for you due to other reasons such as controlling long, painful, and heavy periods.

How Effective Are the Birth Control Options?

The only birth control option that is a hundred percent effective in preventing pregnancy is abstinence. However, all the listed birth control methods have excellent success rates, with less than one percent of women becoming pregnant when using it correctly. Consistency is highly vital, regardless of the kind of birth control you opt for. If you have a problem with consistency, Dr. Corney is committed to helping you decide the best birth control options that suit your needs and may recommend a long-term option like an implant or IUD.

What If You Want To Get Pregnant?

If you want to get pregnant, you need to schedule an appointment with your doctor to consult on how to stop your birth control safely. Some birth control options take longer than others, but most women will conceive within a year of not using birth control methods. Dr. Corney will help you improve your chances of conceiving if you are having trouble after stopping birth control.

Do You Require Birth Control After NovaSure?

At Women First GYN, Dr. Corney uses NovaSure, state of the art endometrial ablation treatment, to eliminate your uterine lining. NovaSure is useful if you suffer from prolonged or heavy periods and can hugely reduce or completely stop your periods. NovaSure is best for women who have finished having children or don’t plan to have any kids. However, although there are reduced conception chances after getting NovaSure, becoming pregnant can be dangerous. Dr. Corney will help you find a birth control solution that works for your long-term after the NovaSure procedure.

To sum up, proper family planning is essential, especially with the current economic hardships. For personalized birth control guidance in and around Chesapeake, call or book an appointment online with Women First GYN.

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